Animation: Showoff!


Hello All! I have completed my Student Short Film at Sheridan College. I am focused on primarily modeling and texturing. I created this animation for course requirments and to show off my models. Also, it is to show well-rounded skills in modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, animating and compositing.
15 Meg Mpeg Encoded Avi

I don’t have much room on my server so I’d really appreciate it if someone were to mirror this! Thanks!

I created the models and backgrounds with Maya 5.0 (no procedural Paint Effects) and the textures, I painted in Photoshop 7.0. It was composited in After Effects and Premier.

Comments and critique are welcome. I will post a modeling and texture reel very soon.

You can view my Illustration Portfolio at


Looks great! I enjoyed how the music fits with the characters so well


Heehee! That was great :)… a little predictable, but the characters were really good. Liked the music. Very good!


The characters were well modeled and textured, as well as the environment… as for the animaton, most of the time the frog didn’t look like he had any weight to him… Are you leaning towards modeling and texturing, or animation?


Yeah nice texturing and modelling, particularly liked the turtles shell. For a modelling and texturing reel however i think it lacks slightly in volume. People like to see quite a few examples of your work, but at the moment you can only see two nicely modelled and textured characters. Try dumbing down the weak areas i.e. The animation, and focus on what you want to do as im sure 4 more examples of your strong modelling and texturing skills could have been produced in the time it took to animate the other 2.


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