Animation Short: Killing Time


This short is almost 3 years old and this is actually the first time I posted it … there are numerous reasons for that, one being that I have been working quite hard the last 3 years and never found the time to promote my own work. Now that I’ve quit my job, I have no excuses anymore for not making my own stuff public :slight_smile:

Check out my website if you want to see more animations/2d-art/3d-art …


excellent work!
poor, poor little… um…thing!

bit depressing though, but that doesen’t mean its bad! :slight_smile:

but i had preferred a dramatic end :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t really call it depressing … well, maybe the first part was :smiley: but what we really wanted to do was convey a positive idea.

It’s a story about someone who is caught in a system he desperatly wants to escape from, but his fear for the unknown stops him from doing that. In the end, our protagonist learns that he can only be truly happy, if he has faith in his own capabilities …

Come to think of it It’s actually a metaphor for the life of an artist :smiley:


Heh, I was thinking something like that about the story but couldn’t figure it out yet. I think that the story is sometimes better to leave a bit open to a viewer. Anyways a very good animation. psst…I gave this some stars also =)


jeeej I got stars :bounce::bounce: :bounce:

funny you should mention that idea about leaving the story open for the viewer, because that is what Michael (the one who animated the character amongst other things) and I had some serious discussions about. We are both fans of David Lynch and we wanted to make an animation that had the same “open-ness” as Lost Highway. That’s how the first version of killing time got born (the one that’s for view here is actually the second version — very long story :)). It was a hard lesson for both of us.

David Lynch knows how to tell a story, and he knows his craft so well, that he is able to de-construct story. We on the other hand, when we started working on Killing Time version 1, didn’t have a clue about story … as a result we created something that had no direction, no story-premisse.

The work we invested in version 1 eventually helped us to make a better and more readable second version of killing time … and it’s still quite open right? :slight_smile:

check out my site if you want to see a deleted scene (killingtime/dump). It’s one of those famous “kill your darlings” :slight_smile:


It’s the first movie i’ve seen here that has this drama and creepyness in it. I was waiting for the really scary part that really didn’t came. It was cool that it didn’t come. It wasn’t predictable at all.

Really good work!


Bloody hell… that must’ve been one of the most impressive animations I’ve ever seen! Amazing! I love it!


Interesting stuff u guys have made. Verry nice univers you have created. :wink:


Very impressive… i found the editing to be very well thought out this enhanced the tension in the earlier stages.



Nice work! :applause:

You got a huge amount of emotional mileage out of just one eye!! Impressive


If Salvador Dali would still be alive I’m sure he would want to shake both your hands :smiley: Impressive work!:applause:


Great job ! This flik evokes a certain feeling when you watch it, you really managed to set an atmosphere. something that is not obvious to do, and gives great value as well. Sound and music are well thought over. Lightening is pretty convincing too. Nice !


Really really good!!

it reminds me a little bit of MORE (Mark Osborne) wich IS my favorite animation.
Please keep up with sttufs like this!! With this drama and sensibility factor.
Congratulations :applause:


Look good, very interesting history and curious animation
Great Job!


The Parrot, hest, TuroAzja, we really appreciate your comments :slight_smile:

  • Fluke73

we wanted to have this really creepy atmosphere, but without a negative ending. Most “creepy” or dramatic animations have a tendency to end in a fatalistic way. “Quest” by Thomas Stellmach is a good example of a dramatic animation having a fatalistic and tragic ending. We choose to end with a positive note. It’s much easier on the audience :smiley:

  • Kaiten, [Ace]

we’ve put a lot of work in the editing and sounddesign. Sound really helps you to have a frame to work from, so timing and editing becomes much easier. We actually did the sound at the same time as we were editing. We used basic animated previews. After the final editing was done, we started finishing scenes (animation, layout, lighting, post-effects,etc). I’ll see if I can dig up some of those old animatics :slight_smile:

  • Mandrews

hehe ,yes it’s amazing how one eye can evoke so much emotion. We didn’t even have any morph targets… There were only 2 bones controlling the eyelids (together with a soft-selection so skin would move as the eyelids closed-opened), 2 bones controlling both ears (soft-selected with flex) and 1 bone controlling the mouth. Almost forgot, we did use 1 morphtarget at the end of the movie, when he’s smiling :slight_smile:


That’s waaay too much credit for us, but still thanks :smiley:

-illu del’syn

I know that one, it’s really good. I saw that one for the first time on the animation film festival of Brussels … You could say that we were influenced by that one :smiley:


It’s really good, no words just a good soundtrack and a very cool central character I really like his physical meekness and vulnerability, he’s a cute little guy, the clock is excellent as well, great work.


Great presentation, animation and in particular camera work. I love the animation inside the clock mechanisms and the life you have given to this simple character. Most of all a great story that has been well thought out. Terrific work.


wow great concept!

i love the simplicity of it!


I just got done watching it and I have no idea what happened or what it was about. Very nice rendering and music. Saw no flaws with the movie what so ever. Gotta say in a wierd way I want to watch it again so I guess that means it has potential.


hahaha. Not to bad man. Good lighting effects on the outside door. I liked that. Also I liked how you didn’t put to much detail into the guy and put him in a pretty detailed enviroment. It kind of made it look weird but nice at the same time. Good job again man and keep up the good work I liked it.