Animation Short: Halo boy



I’m a second year animation student at Ravensbourne College (UK), and have just finished a short for my 3rd term project. This film was made within the timespan of 10 weeks from concept to final edit. This project was a huge learning experience for me and a stepping stone for my last year on my course in which i’ll have the full year to work on a film as opposed to the measily 10 weeks we got for this. anyway, enjoy!

right click + save

Newtek are now hosting my film THANKS!!!


it seems pretty cool, i’m dloading it!


Say thats pritty good eh.


You did an amazing job with this short. I think everything is pretty spot on, the colors, the story, the animation; it all seems very believeable. The Haloboy character is pretty damn cool, and I love the way he turned out visually in the short. I think this is definatly front page material.


that was going to be my post =D

the music fits pretty well and damn! That taller dude is pretty freaky! I LOVE IT :smiley:

the 2 best parts of the visuals are the little halo and the lack of an expressive mouth to the taller character, that gets the mood a bit “agonizing” cause you can’t tell exactally whats going through his mind (at least thats what i think)

but that’s it man, amazing job
2 thumbs up


Hi u’r link is down if u could get a new mirror It wouild be great this looks great from the look of the pic so please I would like to see this.:thumbsup:


Lemme know when the link is back. Looks neat.


ah crap, sorta underestimated the bandwidth limit on the server i put the movie on. didn’t expect it to be gone in one day. does anyone know where i’d be able to put my film back up on the net without too much hassle? anyway, thanks for the great comments for those who did manage to d/l it. i’ll try to get it back up…!!!


The still looks great, the character appears to be very intriguing, let me know when a link is up to download it.


hi, sorry to be annoying about this, but is there anyone who’d know where i could get some webspace for free, with a descent bandwidth limit? i’m pretty skint this month as far as money goes (i hate being a student!!!). thanks,



Email Me or IM me…


woohoo!!! finally got my movie up thanks to chrisdude0000. i owe u bigtime dude, u da man! i modified the link in the first post. enjoy :slight_smile:


i only get half the movie?

the other half is just blank and the sound is garbled. i really want to see what happens after he gets to the house!


The screenshot looks nice, but I’m currently downloading at about 600bytes/sec. :frowning:
Any mirror sites up and going?


This guy my flatmate yo, sweet film yo, he da man yo

Im so stoked for him right now


lol, cheers ols… er, yo

sorry for having to put up with the slow download speed guys. should be sorted out really soon, as newtek have been kind enough to host my film. i’ll have the post edited with the new link asap once it’s on their server. thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Finally got the film up on a descent server… sorry about the hassle. original post edited with the new link. now go watch! watch watch watch! and tell me what u think, lol.


Huge project for 10 weeks! A 4 minute animation is definitely biting off a lot, you’ve done pretty well considering. the characters are very well designed, quite tim burton-esque, and the environments are beautiful. The animaton was of a pretty good standard throughout, though there are areas which felt a little weightless - when he’s jumping for the light on the log is an example of this - varying the legs a little more might help. Some of the emotions of the bigger character didn’t read as well as they could have. Minor niggles though.

Great job :thumbsup:


Very nice mood! I found quite a bit of interesting things in this video. I thought that it was kinda funny that a freaky thing like our main character was actually surprised to see something else than just the mushrooms in his world =D The women have the same effect on me too :slight_smile: Great work!:thumbsup:


mattmos: yea, i agree with you… by no means was this supposed to be the “perfect” short, and the animation of the characters was on of the things that really suffered while trying to pull off something like this within the restricted timeline, which is something i wasn’t too happy about. but next year, for my next film, i really wanna sit down and cover the weaknesses of this film.

r2: lol, what?