Animation Short: Drekasaga


Finaly finished my first short:bounce:

The process for each scene is like this
Animate character in 3dsmax, render out a sequence
Animate perhaps other characters for needed scene independantly and render out in a sequence
Create a background in photoshop
Finaly bring it all together into combustion and animate the bits that need animating there.

Its my final project for school and it needed to blend two mediums together and had to have animation, 3d and combustion in it, I choose blending 3d and 2d together. Came out ok I think :slight_smile:

And if anyone remembers Future Crew, and perhaps one of its members Skaven, then you might recognize the music :wink: That man is a god


haha , really nice story, cool short ! :applause:

Where did you find the music? :slight_smile:


Frábært myndband!
Hvaða skóli er þetta? (MMS)


that song won the assembly 2002 music compo

margmiðlunarskólinn, er enn ekki búinn að skella mér út, en það er planið


That was really neat. The style was very amusing, and the music choice was perfect. The only thing that jumped out at me was the shot in the beginning when the dragon made faces at the camera behind the bush. Something just didn’t work with that. Otherwise, it was really entertaining. :slight_smile:


Choice of music was perfect. I love the style to, it was perfectly done.

Great job.



Hehe great short :smiley: the music was especially good, fitted the short perfectly :slight_smile:


Yeah, great short. I didnt get what happened at the end. What did the dragon throw out and why did he give back the princess?


I don’t get it…The ending makes no sense.


is it just me or the link is not working? can’t see the poster either…


Can you repost the link? it’s not working


I can’t seem to see the link for some reason


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