Animation Session 8 - Phone Call - July 20th > August 10th


Hi Everyone ,

This time there is no pause between the animation sessions.

This sessions theme is: Phone Call


- Have your character react to a phone call. He has to react to the ringer , and has a emotion change while on the phone. Emotion change examples: happy to angry , disinterested to interested , etc) The animation has to have a conclusion , meaning do not finish the anim when he is talking on the phone. no unfinished animations please.

- Since we are not using sound , do NOT worry about lip synch. your character doesnt even have to talk if you choose to do so. the focus is body acting more than lip synch.

-Location can be anywhere. (park , house , bedroom , space station , etc)

- Animations can be between 10 - 30 seconds.

- Modelling should be kept to a bare minimum , [color=red]no need for detailed environments and texture maps. [/color]

- You can use pre-rigged characters

- [color=red]No camera cuts. The camera has to be static. [/color]

-[color=red] No need for lighting/rendering. Playblasts are acceptable , the focus of this session is animation so do NOT hide the character by making a dark scene.[/color]

- [color=red]NO Sound[/color]

- This session starts July 20th and goes until August 10th.

- Please post all your WIP’s in this thread for critique.

- Animation done prior to this session is [color=red]NOT acceptable. please create new animation for this session. [/color]

  • WIP and Final animations should be 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 , using quicktime with sorenson 3 codec. Try not to use DIV-x since there is no way to scrub the animation and it makes giving critiques that much harder.

  • You can post any questions you have about the session in this thread .


Best of luck to everyone !




cool ideA!!
as usual!



I’m in! :slight_smile: Hopefully I wont cut this one as close to the deadline as the last session :thumbsup:


Ok i’m gonna do this one this time. I’m a big time slacker


Are we restricted to 1 character or can we use more than one?

I want to animate this character:

Talking on her cell phone while taking her pet demon on a walk.

As the conversation goes from good to bad she’ll start yanking the leash unconsciously and put the critter through some pain. Or keep him from a fire hydrant. not sure yet. :twisted:


do we get cookies if we do good job?


OK im gonna actually try and finish this one… Count me in :slight_smile:


Ok. Serious question. Can a character react to a phone ring, but end up NOT picking up the phone, or it has to have some form of conversation?


SERIOUS question: I’ve a character from AlienZ project , already rigged.

Can I use it ? or it could be considered as “to take advantage”… ??


this should answer your question


ok ok :slight_smile: :smiley:


Can dynamics be used for non-character based elements in the animation?


Ok i´ll try it, :thumbsup:

someone knows where can i find a good rigged characte for 3DMAX



I use maya,




I’m gonna see what I can get done. This sounds like fun. Never tried character animation before. :slight_smile: this should be fun.



Tnx, but the link is not working.
can´t download


Do I have to include the location in the animation?


try this one alex… Maya rigs that rock


wicked this is just the kind of thing i was hoping for, count me in.
right now im thinking of the situation you find yourself in when your mobile rings in your jeans pocket and your driving at a busy time.


Tanks Remi, but i need 3DMax rigs. :thumbsup: