Animation Session 7 : Suspense - June 28 > July 20


Hi everyone ,

After a long pause we are back with another animation session!

This sessions theme is : Suspense


- Have your character react to a situation that makes him\her\it afraid. Ie: the shower scene in psycho , a box that rattles , an unknown danger behind the door , etc. Use your imagination!

- You can choose to reveal the danger or not at the end

- Animations can be between 10 - 30 seconds.

- Modelling should be kept to a bare minimum , [color=red]no need for detailed environments and texture maps. [/color]

- You can use pre-rigged characters

- You can use camera cuts

-[color=red] No need for lighting/rendering. Playblasts are acceptable , the focus of this session is animation so do NOT hide the character by making a dark scene.[/color]

- [color=red]NO Sound[/color]

- You can use quadrupeds.

- This session starts June 28th and goes until July 20th.

- Please post all your WIP’s in this thread for critique.

- Animation done prior to this session is [color=red]NOT acceptable. please create new animation for this session. [/color]

  • WIP and Final animations should be 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 , using quicktime with sorenson 3 codec. Try not to use DIV-x since there is no way to scrub the animation and it makes giving critiques that much harder.
  • You can post any questions you have about the session in this thread .


Looking forward to seeing everyones entries!

Happy animating!


Can we use sound?:smiley:


Hey Ali, im in! i was wondering when the next animation session would be up :scream:

i hope lots of people join up



Nope , you can convey all you need with animation , no sound needed.

Thanks for reminding though , added it in the rules :slight_smile:


Cool, cool, cool!

This reminds me of something I read that Hitchcock said once. He said that the scariest shot in all of cinema was a camera moving slowly towards a closed door.

Hm… I’ll have to resist the temptation to just move a camera slowly towards a closed door… :wink:

  • M


That’s what I thought. Just checking!:slight_smile:


So do we just post and .mov or .avi file of the animation??


sheep, you said we could use 2d right?
time to test out the acting chops


Sure , 2d , stop motion , all is fine


sweet… not going to bed till this is storyboarded


what about 2d vector like moho (


Like I said , all mediums are fine as long as its animated :slight_smile:


Sounds good … going to try to get it done again.

…But dosent look likr i’m going to finish it … i have to much school work.

Maybe next time for me…Count me out of this one.


Maybe I’ll try it to, let me think about it :bounce:


hmm, Im in, sounds like a whole lot of gribbly fun >:)


Goody goody goody, this sounds fun :slight_smile: I’m in.


This is a great acting exercise! I´ll see if I can manage some time for this!:thumbsup:


Everyone better join :slight_smile:

I’ll try to get some high profile animators give crits to the wips :slight_smile:


I’ll join to the party! :bounce:


I also wish to join. I hope I can find the time to join… I plan to use IK-Joe. I believe it’s ok to use him??


This’ll be very helpful for me to improve my animation skill(s?) :wink:

Good luck all…