Animation Session 5 - Vote Here!!


Please post for your favorite entries ,

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Thank you everyone for participating in this session , there were some spectacular entries! :thumbsup:


what, i dont get to be in this one?


I think he’s going on who posted in the pre-vote thread, not the WIP thread.


Well My opinion is reflected in the Poll…I liked poyninjas, but there were to many times the chacters overlaped eachother, and some of the moves didnt seem to connect. That being said, It was very Small, and very hard to notice.

Milo on the other hand, Was very realistic in both weight and reaction to effects, and the entrails were also very cool. thought the motion blur looked odd with just the bipeds though LOL.

Note, Milo, How did you detach the head on the biped? I was trying to detach the arm on the super move i was makeing (and never finished) but couldnt figure out how…?


on mine (where i also beheaded a biped), i detatched a clone of the bipeds head to a new object (after putting an edit mesh modifier on the original biped head), and just shrunk the actual bipeds head down enough so it was effectively invisbile, then i linked the cloned head to the neck where the old head was. i also used a link constraint to make the head more autonomous animation wise, but that wasnt required to actually detatch it


where’s funkbuttah’s entry? shoot… i wanted to vote for his ultimate move.

Sheep Factory… can u link the name in the poll list to their respective entry? that way it’ll be much easier rather than looking back the wip thread to see what we’re voting for… just a suggestion.

this is supercool session. i’m loving it


we animators are always the greatest nitpicker aren’t we. :))


I feel sooo sad!! my favorite was FUNKBUTTAH !!!


Palooka if there is a way to do it , i dont know how. :slight_smile:


strykerwolf, THats how I did it, but I was curious if there was a way to just animate it as normal, and then Move it off instead of Cloneing it, and playing with transparencys


Funkbuttah is currently on vacation all this week. I don’t think he can get to a computer to put his anim on the voting thread.


Originally posted by eevilmouse
strykerwolf, THats how I did it, but I was curious if there was a way to just animate it as normal, and then Move it off instead of Cloneing it, and playing with transparencys
Personally, I would have just done the transparency method. Just make sure the two heads line up on the frame where it’s going to pop off and key the visibility (doesn’t have to be the transparency)… like you key the original head’s visibility off when the blade passes through and key the cloned head’s visibility on at that same frame. Then you can animate it flying off or whatever.

I’m sure there’s some way to do some kind of constraint or something, but I’ve got no idea.


like i said about polyninja’s supermove earlier…i’m ready for aanother sequel to ‘the matrix’

edited and added this - animation wise …i like milio too…but from the supermove’s concept wise it has to be ninjaiMaster…
tho i wud be interested in knowing what that effect is where in milio’s anim the sword leaves a traill…its too smooth for motion blur…is that keyframed or is it mBlur indeed…?


thaks to all!!! … you´re the best!!!, also congratulations to the others entrys…my respect for everyone…

eevilmouse, thanks man!!! the cut off biped´s head it´s just a “trick”…when I´m just finish to animate de character, i´m make a snapshot of the biped´s head in the frame that i want to begin to animate, the head in the same position and rotation, then in the original biped i animate the visibility tracks from 1 to 0 in this frame, and the false head from 0 to 1. when the animation reachs to this frame the original head will be invisible and the other one visible…then just to animate the head as you want…easy man!!! heheh!!! I hope it help you.


milio incase u missed my post pls refer to the above one…there is a tiny litlle query…


sorry andy_maxman. To do this effect í´m used a free plugin for 3dstudio max Ghost Trails.



thnks milio!! all the luck…ur goin neck to neck so far…


I would vote for Polyninja if I had the permission for it. <.< I think polyninja’s move are more suitable as an ‘Powermove’ while Milio’s move are more like an finish.

Cheers. :smiley:

Weird, when I was at home I wasn’t allowed to vote. :S Now it worked.


hi freaks…

too bad funkbuttah is afk. i’m sure if he’s here he’s gonna kick asses. mine included :scream:

props to milio, ivan, funkbuttah, inDoom.

eevilmouse >> i would do the same thing with maya. keying the visibility is the fastest solution.


no crits for my anim? :cry: I wish I would have figured out how to create vids in animanium or I would have done it in that. I ended up doing it in maya but I think I did ok for it being my first real animation.

big ups to all the animators in the challenge especially polyninja cuz i loved his anim. we gotta do something like this again sheepfactory bring on the next challenge!! :thumbsup: