Animation Session 13 - Sound File - July 3 > August 3


Hi Guys ,

 Time for the new Animation Session:
 Animation Session 13 - Sound File - July 3 > August 3
 [/b][color=Orange][color=SandyBrown]What to do: Attached is a sound file from the movie Back to the Future. Download that and animate your characters to it.
 Rules: You have one month to finish the animation. Other then that anything goes in this session. 
 You will need to submit the following milestones:
 - Planning thumbnails
 - Blocking
 - Revision
 - Final
  • Final submission needs to be quicktime sorenson or WMP cinepak encoded 640 x 480 movie file. Prior submissions can be of lower res to minimize file size.

    Please create a thread like the following when you enter under the animation session forum:

    [b]Your name - Animation Session 13 - Sound File

    [/b][color=#fffffe]You can ask any questions you have about the session in this thread.


[color=YellowGreen]“wait a minute…wait a minute…doc! are you telling me that you built a time machine out of a de lorean?”

Doc: " The way I see it , If you are gonna build a time machine into a car , why not do it with some style?"

Happy Animating!


1- can I use standard rigs ou i must rig my own chars?
2- can you write exactly what is said in the sound? if I get something wrong, my animation will be ruined.


1)you can use prebuilt rigs , you do NOT have to model\rig new characters.

  1. done , added to the main post.


does it have to be rendered and textured also?? or greyscale?


I don’t think you have to do anything Aceroner. But the more work you put into it, I’m sure the better it will be! This sounds like fun, let’s see what I can do.


Either one is fine , do not concern yourself with textures and rendering , this is a animation challenge. Once you finish the session you can go ahead and finish it by texturing and rendering but i recommend focusing on the animation for the duration.


this should produce some awesome animated pieces. I have some ideas, I’m not very good at the whole animation timing, so this will help me alot. :smiley:


I was waiting for another one :slight_smile: I’m just hoping ill have time to work on it, Good luck to everyone :thumbsup:


To me the dialogue sounds like “do it with some sytle”, but the word “with” is kinda breathless.


Is ANYONE aloud to take part in this…


of course :slight_smile:


Anyone yes, I’m even thinking of joining myself. :slight_smile:

Btw, I think he says “Why not do it with some style?!”


Cool Im going to give it a go…looking forward to seeing everones…

I notice people are posting there names in the previous thread…whats that about


what thread



In that forum?

Please create a thread like the following when you enter under the animation session forum:

Your name - Animation Session 13 - Sound File


What happens if you animate straight ahead?

Personally I don’t tend to do thumbnails or blocking. I mean i’ll plan, but not in that way, then when it gets to the computer I just animate and if there’s a problem I fix it or I start fresh. It seems a little unfair to have to conform to that workflow.




if i got ali right, then its basically the same like the 10 Second Club. right?


I think the end of this is wrong. Doc says “Why not do it with some style?”. I haven’t looked at a script but that’s what I’m thinking he says. Oh and count me in on this. I’ll see if I can do it on some off time. WOO HOO!



Thats the way every professional animator works and thats what this session is about. If you want to join you have to follow the rules.