Animation Session 11 - Action Cut - December 1 > December 20th


Greetings everyone ,

We are back after a 3 week break with another session , sorry about the delay.

This sessions theme is [b]Action Cut

[/b][color=White]Here is what you have to do:

  1. have your character be idle at first

  2. Character hears\feels\senses something and starts turning to react to it

  3. Reaction occurs , and this is where we have the camera cut

  4. Reaction carries over across the cut and we show what the character is reacting to.

The trick here is to have the cut feel invisible to the viever , if you cut nicely and carry the action across seamlessly the cut will be unnoticable.

I have to stress out the carry the action part , the action needs to be continuous between the 3th and 4th shot.

You can go creative on what the character reacts to , have fun :slight_smile:

here are the rules other than the ones listed above:

[color=DarkOrange]> You have 100 frames to tell the story , cut should occur no longer than frame 60. If you feel like telling the story in a shorter time thats fine but no longer than 100 frames.

> No sound

> No rendering , playblasts are fine , you can render after the session , or if you finish early and have spare time.

> Using premade characters , rigs and free rigs available on the net is perfectly fine. Please do not spend time modelling\rigging characters as you dont have enough time to do that and finish the session.

> No Dynamics

> Using multiple characters is allowed

> You need to post WIP’s as you go along , posting a finished anim near the end of session will result in your thread getting deleted. The reason for this is to encourage everyone to show wips and critique each others work.


This is it folks , I hope everyone has much fun coming up with new ideas.

As always please ask any questions you have about this session in this thread and start a new thread when you join , ie:

[color=DarkOrange]Ali Tezel - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut



Sweet! I’m in ofcourse. :slight_smile:


And i’m in as well…let the thinking begin:)


im new to this so please excuse the question. where can i get some pre-made models, like the ones in previous challenges?



What software will you be using?


can we use 2d tools like flash to do this???


Absolutely , medium is not important , you can use 2d , 3d , stop motion , whatever


Sounds wicked! Time permitting, I may finally get in on one of these sessions.


Althought kinda short, I think this is a really good idea for an animation session. My animation class had a phone interview with a disney animator and we asked him all kinds of questions and one thing that he kept bringing up over and over again about what you should put into your reel is showing attitude/emotional changes in a character. This session is a perfect opportunity to do just that.



count me in as well!

when you say no rendering… do you mean only play blasts or just no super smooth global illumination? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be joining on this one - try and get at least one vote this time :slight_smile:


Nice Session Sheep… It’s a great change of pace from animating to a dialogue. I’m looking forward to this one.


Oooh this sounds cool, I might be able to enter this month.

EDIT: I just thought of a question, how idle is idle? Can my character actively be doing something on his own? Like listening to music or something?


I maybe am in, maybe not. Have alot to do.

Anyway, when is the deadline?


Question, does this have to be just two camera shots or can there be more than one shot/angle before the action cut? Also, do they have to be static shots?


Ive never entered one of these, so I too would like to know if there is some premade models for these sessions? Im using max. Thanks in advance. :smiley:


Hmm, sounds like an interesting challenge :thumbsup: ! Have to think about an idea …

> You have 100 frames to tell the story , cut should occur no longer than frame 60. If you feel like telling the story in a shorter time thats fine but no longer than 100 frames.

Question to Ali: You mean the cut should be no later than frame 60 ? Also, 100 frames (i.e. about 4 seconds) looks rather short to me, considering that the character has to go through some emotional change. Might it be possible to extend that to more than 100 frames ?


Yes only two shots and static camera.


Hey Christopher ,

yes the cut should be anytime before frame 60. regarding the lenght , we were given 48 frames for this assignment and everyone turned out pretty impressive animations , 100 frames is more than enough for this session and because it is short you can really spend the time perfecting everything.



Sounds like someone will be experimenting with AE soon. :wink:

Heh question:

100 frames ? What kind of framerate are we talking about ?