animation: Saturday Afternoon Fever


Hey all

I just finished my first film in Maya at VFS yesterday

It was animated over a period of 4 weeks with a few months of preproduction.

There are no sound effects yet, but there is music, so it’s basically the finished product.

Comments and critiques welcome. oh yeah, and i’m now on the hunt for a job now so if you want to get in touch, there’s contact info at the end of the credits.

(sorry for the slow-ass VFS server)
right click and save at


at the mirror



firegoat out.


hehe, great idea and good feeling overall, me likes :slight_smile:


greaaaaaaaaaat. very nice it gaves me energy. keep it up :buttrock: :buttrock:


lol, i like it. it didn’t say who moddeled, but i assume u did.


the beginning is a little irritating, becouse there is no sound, but the rest is really good :slight_smile:


Kickass, and only in 4 weeks… Someone give this man a job!!!


Hey thanks guys I’m glad you like it…

yeah, i did the modelling too…lighting, textures…everything…

and sorry there’s no sound effects, but it’ll just be ambient street noise in the background so it’s not essential right now…just use your imagination in the meantime :stuck_out_tongue:

word on the street is it’s downloading really slow, so if anybody feels like hosting a mirror, feel free to…

firegoat out


lol…very good animation…but the music iss the best!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
extreme funny! uuuhh ahhh!!!

please tell me where i can get this song!! your film is gorgeous!!!

saturday afternoon fever for breakfast, lunch and dinner!! :scream:


Nifty animation, gave me the dance fever for a few seconds ;p

Pretty much like everyone else, I thought I didn’t have the right sound codec. There’s no sound when he puts the key into the lock, when he opens the door, footsteps, etc. But what it lacks in SFX catches up on rythm :slight_smile:

You did that in 4 weeks? Impressive.


hah! that was great , awesome animation , great work man its amazing what you guys can do in a 6 month span(learn maya and complete a short!!) , best of luck .


Yeah very impressive… the addition of sfx would put this over the top… I found myself chuckling, which turned into laughing so hard I was tearing… like this X’D

hehe… awesome production mate.

what track is playin in the bg? i dig it.


Man, if that doesn’t get you a job I don’t know what will. Awesome animation!


Haha… As usual, VFS did it again. Great animation!


Loved it, I’m dying laughing.

The textures and models are so great for a student, congrats on pulling this off so well.

You should post this at

I agree that the beginning is irritating for the lack of SFX.


I love your idea, very unique, and funny. haha…
It is amazing for only 4 weeks, the overall quality is really good!
I like the room setting too.

good stuff~ :slight_smile:


very nice, sorta pixaresque :thumbsup: were you in the pt. time maya program?


YAY its VFS student real time again!!! WOOP WOOP!


My fav demo real of a student so far :buttrock:


Wow, I figured I would mention that I really enjoyed this. It’s great student work… I’ve seen worse professional work, I think… And I’m not even exagerating, it’s really good.


hahahaha very funny dude.
I love it esp. the part the old guy shake his bon2 ^^