Animation: Robot Dunk!


I’m just in the process of revamping my demoreel. Here is the first new piece. Critiques welcome. Done in Maya. a Week on and off to model, and a Day or two, to animate. Renderd using Maya’s default render.



Is this all you have?, let’s see some more!


Nice animation, the camera though is a different story, it’s a bit slow considering the motion of the animation, might wanna speed it up in the beginning and make a better constrast when it slows in at the end.


I like it, its pretty good however there are a few rough spots that I can see right off the bat could use a bit of touch-up =)

when he lands afte the dunk there’s 2 small up-downs going on that look really out of place, the arm going up also needs to be a bit smoother… the gesture itself is usually a tilt to one side and looking up kind of “giving props to god” if you will… what happens after the pose is also kind of odd with the right hand coming down and the left straight out.

the dunk itself is kewl but it would look more realistic with a bit more weight to it since he looks like a pretty heavy robot.

im still gonna give it one of these :buttrock:


:applause: The parts that I was able to see were awesome! The clip was kinda skipping for me… :cry:


Thanks for all the comments.
i know nothing is ever finished really :slight_smile:
but i thought id post it in the finished gallery anyway,
backt ot he drawing board.



the whole thing looks a bit fast to me… i like the style and the movement looks great but it really looks too fast.


That is nice! I like it. That is too funky!!!


That is nice! I like it. That is too funky!!!


Very nice piece of work, I think this is all hand animated and its very convincing and natural. I think the sharp movements compliment the robot character too. Very nice.


Thanks for comments.

Yea its all animated. Im classicaly trained, so i dont know any other way really. I wanted it to be fast though, most dunks are. But if peeps think its too fast, maybe ill slow it down.

Thanks agian. I got more, but i dont know if i should waste peoples time by posting more robot dunks :smiley:


Wicked Dean! I guess all that work at Sheridan paid off…

where u at now?



Recent finished a 2-d series and I’m just doing some graphic design work for an advertising agency now, but like I said, im working on my portfolio toward my next animation job.


Pretty good, it does seem a little fast though.

Perhaps the dunk itself could be in slow-mo? to give it a bit more dramatic appeal.


WOw thats kol!!! I realy like the dunk th emovment is nice.
I lik eth echracter too it seem almost tranformerish…nice.

The only thing thats i find missing is at the end when the camera is moving in on him it looks like hes going to do some thing and i want to see what that might be…MOre i want more!

Keep it up!!



I think it is not too fast caus it’s rotoscoped animation.

It’s Vince Carter from the slam dunk contest 2000 right?
But anyways nice animation!


Yup. ITs VC. the other dunk is VC too. but the timing is different. only the conecpt for the dunk is really the same. i really pushed the poses to be more super human.

youre like the first person to notice its Vince. Nice. Vince is the man.


I knew the movement of the guy looked familiar to me:)
VC rulez!

Great work :thumbsup:


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