Animation Resource&Tutorial thread


Hi, anyone know of any good free tutorials for runs and walks on the net?



Does anyone have a website resource for rigging up a lego mini fig ?


I think you should post this in the rigging section or maya or max sections


iPhone app ftw! :slight_smile:


Animation is all the rage on the web and is becoming more popular every day. Before you even begin to create animations, there are several important aesthetic issues to take into account. To elaborate, a single animation on a web page will overwhelm all static images, so placement is important.

Before you place a finished animation on your site, be aware that if you have more than one animation on a single page, the effect can overwhelm the viewer and turn them off, rather than draw them in. Also, animations that cycle endlessly can quickly become annoying. Design your animation with a finite number of loops, so that it eventually stops.

Once you’ve decided to create an animated sequence, you need to start with the fundamentals.


thank you for this 2 amazing sites! :slight_smile:


Check out the ultimate animation resource website where you won’t find anything of value…


thanks for the useful tidbit…I’ve always wondered what effect animation would have on a sites appeal and overall appearance.


This is a great thread!

I’m part of an awesome Character Animation Community - Animation Salvation

It has some members who are big names in animation, and it’s geared towards creating connections between animators from all ranks and regions! Imagine Facebook for Animators, plus a Video section similar to YouTube, an “Animation Education” section, a forum to get advice and critiques called the Mentorium, regular Animation Events (including some live events), and even a Jobs Section (this will be filling up as word spreads).

Come on in and create your own account, and it’s all free!

I hope to see you in there.


anyone have a reference from a movie in which a woman walking, possibly talking on the phone has her purse snatched from her by a fast moving thief



autodesk maya tutorial


Greetings for 2012
Forgive me the birdy pun, but this free tutorial from character animation tutor Alex Williams, teaches you how to animate an avian flap cycle.
Following on from part one, where Alex showed you how to animate the bird flapping its wings,
He now shows us how to add personality, make it fly on a believable motion path, light and render it, all the while keeping your workflow simple!
I hope you find this tutorial useful and would love to see your results should you wish to upload the shot Online.

Happy animating!

Toby Young
Escape Studios


Where should I write for help with VRAY cameras?


Hey guys,

 We're setting up a new site with tons of tips and tricks being posted weekly. Keep an eye for tutorials and free rigs plus tips and tricks that aren't just your standard tutopials and are really geared towards getting into/being in the industry. Hope you guys enjoy!


I think I should show some of our 3d animations here, including architectural animation and 3d cartoon animation.


Check out Puppeteer Lounge for affordable animation training: :thumbsup:


These links really helped me out! Thanks :smiley:


thanks a lot everyone for sharing the valuable really helps.

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I made a video to break 3D animation down into something most people can understand. While it probably won’t be directly valuable to this community, maybe it will help you explain to people what you do!

Cheers! :beer: