Animation Reel


Hello guys, after following a Maya Comprehensive course at Escape Studios in London, and no previous knowledge of animating. I have created my first animation.

Comments and Critique are mostly welcome.

Here is my Animation Reel.



First of all ,I’d like to say “Good try” … since you said you didn’t have any animation skill before (but how long was the comprehensive course anyway?) ,

I can see that you understand how to animate and you can improve by practicing more and work hard… I’d like to give some comments about your poses (especially the yellow guy), lots of your poses are a bit weak you can try making them more stronger (taking references by filming yourself or your buddies would be a good idea), if you get all the key poses strong enough, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to animate and the result would looks nicer too :slight_smile:

The girl’s dance still need attention, but dancing is very hard to animate, and you’ve done a good try. keep it up!

The girl’s walk and run part seem to be the strongest part of your reel in my opinion, and eventhough they still need fixes, but you’ve nailed down the feet and legs quite well, the most obvious issue in that part seems to be the movement of the arms and hands…

From your reel, I think you kinda understand how to animate, so the next steps would be trying to learn and understand movements and then acting principles… but I’d say this reel is a nice start and would like to see your progressions in the future.

Wish you good luck and have fun animating! :thumbsup:


wow… sorry dude but that needs a lot of work. :shrug: 1st of all it looks like you’re using IK for most things, and aside from the pushing of the big box… you should use FK for your arm setup. the dancing girl just looked REALLY awkward and poppy because of it. the walking and zombie-ish running cycles look unnatural and lack a lot of weight. also in the box lifting clip, there is no weight at all! try letting the cube down a little bit when the guy struggles, and it’ll look like he’s actually lifting something… right now it’s as though the box is moving on it’s own at a different pace alltogether. yea just overall you need a lot more weight in your animations (exaggerate them!)… and if you’re going for more realistic motions, try shooting reference footage and see how it’s timed. that may help your skills improve :smiley: good luck and keep at it!


I agree with mistasam, reference will give you the way! As my experience that I’m also a newbie who never touch 3d since this year. I suggest ‘focus just one thing at a time’. First just make a clear key poses, then go for the right timing, then anticipation, settle, and offset the bones. Focusing just one thing at the time will make things more easier for you.

Keep it up! animating is fun! :bounce:


thank you guys very much :slight_smile:

Working on a clean sweep beginning with the sillouhets and then go on on timing and …

These reply’s have helped me realize further then i could see :slight_smile:

The course was in general maya education, not in genaral animation, as their was maya live, camera tracking, camera mapping, and so on…

Again thank you guys.


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