[Animation Reel] Martial Art, model:IK-JOE


hey people… here I am again… :wink:

here is a little animations I did this week about Martial arts stuff… just trying to have fun and see how things goes sience I haven’t animated for the last 2 years :confused:

I am aiming for the game industery… planing to do a martial art animation reel for 30 sec… and add some different walk cycle, dying ( get shot ), picking up stuff… etc to make the whole reel about 1 min long…

Just wondering is my stuff good enought for the entery level in game animations… specially EA Canada ( ya… its only 10 mins driving from my place… haha )

any C&C are really welcome ! don’t feel bad to go hard on me… I am here to improve/learn :wink: enought talk… here is my short test


( 3 MB, not DivX )



Overall, it looks decent. I think he’s moving a bit too fast. When he’s finding his rhythm at the beginning, he’s moving way too fast. The high kick looks a bit like he’s swinging a log. Usually on a kick like that, you’re going to want some sort of snap to the kick. Instead of going straight into the back kick, give him a little breather to wind up for it. It looks a bit rushed when he moved like that too. Everything to the end looked good. Keep it up and good luck with it.


dude… thanks for the reply… ya… overall every thing happen to fast at this stage…

I need more anticipation, and give him some thought between moves… for the high kick, I will do some more testing :wink:

gonna redo the whole animations soon… comment like this do help. thx


that’s pretty tight.

I strongly recommend you finding a documentary I saw on action channel once… it was about Jackie Chan… I wish I could remember the title… it might have been something as simple as “Jackie Chan’s Stunts” or something like that…

but basically he goes into detail about all the ingredients necessary to coreograph good film martial arts. He talks about how to show anticipation, emphasize hits etc.


I forgot to mention, that I remember watching it and thinking about rigging fighters for animation the entire time… else I wouldn’t even mention it.


TO:Lord Dubu
do you mean this “Jacky Chen: My Stunts”


looks really interesting to me, I will try to find and study … thx for the tips :wink:


By Jove I think you’ve got it! – the DVD that is.


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