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Hello Everyone,
My name is Breanna Carzoo, and I’m an animator. At this time I am actively pursuing a career in the computer animation industry.

You can see my work on the front page of my site

or at



nice reel. i like the dialogue shot the most. but the transition after “hungry child” is off. the pose reads sad, but i think she should read kinda embarrassed, because she let her anger slip.

also, the fly landing happens a bit quick, and could use a key or two on its flight path.

good work for sure. not as floaty as most full sail reels. best of luck


Thanks Matthew, I appreciate the critique and you taking the time a look at my work.


I would like to see more… more secondary motion, more character interaction, more weight, more ANIAMTION! This is a great start but show me what you really got… lets see some more acting and interactions… I once has an animator from dreamworks tell me what they look for is how characters can interact with objects and blue sky said more acting… keep these things in mind and good luck cant wait to see what you come up with!


I agree about the “hungry child” piece. I think the pose should definitely be reading more of an embarrassed expression. You could definitely use some more animation in there as well, but good work! :slight_smile:


loved the clean animation. Great job! and good luck!


Nice reel Breanna. Good luck with the job hunt.


Thanks everyone! I appreciate the critiques and kind words!


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