animation: PAN - dancin' Greek God


Hi all,

I’ve been browsing this site for ages and have finally decided to put something up.

The first address leads you to a folder of my “PAN” animation. Download either ‘pan_mediaplayer.AVI’ (best quality/size ratio) or ‘pan_bink_fullscreen.EXE’ (fullscreen version – high quality).

For PAN animation: PAN website/movies

The website address below contains movies, drawings, design, character setup methods and a thesis relating to the creation of PAN – if anyone’s interested?

For PAN website: PAN website/panindex.htm

Special thanks to Chris Barker and Garen Krummins. :wavey:


1st Class stuff man !!!
character animation and motion is really clean, I’m fan #1 !!!

more ? you know there´s a lot of other greek gods :wavey:


and ehrm… you better get THIS one on front page …:scream:


man that is really good
any motion capture?
if not wow exceptionnal stuff
like the cam movement and every thing
front page stuff


Cheers for the comments guys! Awesome!

No motion capture, just used video reference to help out with poses and timing.




Excellent work the step are right on look like they are hitting the ground perfectly. Cheers :beer:


wow that was some nice fluid movement there!

the michael jackson part is my favorite tho… very fun to watch.



LOL, quality work…I really like the way when he pauses when he puts on the hat, hes breathing hard, also, of course, moon walk was supreme with the hooves :scream:


Pretty funny animation. Only complaint I would have is some of the movements could have been smoothed out a bit more. There are a bunch of places where the motion seems to have a jarring stop in the limbs and pelvis. Grea work! :slight_smile:


whoa now thats character animation:eek:



Glad you noticed the breathing - I’m a sucker for minor details like that.


I used MJ beacuse his pelvis thrusts relate to Pan’s mythological persona. In the myths he supposidly runs around after Nymps and is a bit of a sexual deviot! I thought Jacko’s Billy Jean performance was pretty fitting. Thanks man.


Why isn’t this on the front page!?!?! WHY!?

This is simply breathtaking…the modelling…the lighting…the rednering…and the animation! You are my new animation hero.

I expect this on the front page by tomorrow!



Totally awesome.


:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:

amazing stuff!!!


HOLY****!!! That is possibly the best work of corporial animation I’ve ever seen man. I couldn’t believe how he moved!! Was it mo cap? :beer: :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:

edit just noticed you said no mo cap… I’m stunned


Wow that was surprisingly awesome! Very funny work:thumbsup:


I’m just begin to examine your wwwsite…

…the animation is lovely and well done.





Thankyou everyone for looking at my work. Your comments have made the hard work worthwhile.

PAN was completed for my honours project at Uni and is the main peice in my reel for seeking employment - which I’m currently doing.

Thanks again,



but but…I’ve examined your site (quickly…) and I see A LOT of work to make real bones (in polygons) over the maya bones, a lot of clusters and blendshape…

really heavy setup, or not?

How much time have you spent to the setup phase?


Hey man

Sweet, I like I got a project similar to this coming right up just have to find the time to do it!! sweet poses i like the way you incorperate the spine very well done! Bit of the animation cud have been smoothed out in places. How long did the animation take? any chance of posting your video ref? hehe.