Animation of cloner instances and fading effect


Good afternon people.
I’m working on an animation of project that includes many heads movings. I’ve made an instance of one head and I’ve multipled it under Cloner, the I’ve chosen a ‘Render instance’ mode for visualization in viewport. Animation is very slow in viewport although I’ve disabled Enhanced Open GL and set Display Tag’s ‘Level of Detail 50%’. There is a way to remove viewport lag?
Another question is about fading effect on a cloner. I used Display tag’s ‘Visibility’ for cloner to make fading effect, but do you know another or better solution to make this effect?



Might want to clarify what version of C4d you’re using.

How are the heads animated? If its deformers or joints - you might want to point cache or alembic them.
Mograph cache also
Display tag can be set to box mode
R20 has multi-instances in cloner instance options. - in previous version you can go up to Mograph menu and swap out for matrix object.
You could create a proxy - a super low poly version and have a display version and then render version - using Takes, layers or Xrefs. (maybe not xrefs…)

Hope that helps a little - if you are able to send through a file I’d be happy to go through it and try and speed it up for you. Just swap out any sensitive content :slight_smile:


Hi Kaptain_Kubrick :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your suggestion, finally I figured out why my viewport lagged, there was a sweep option to check and finally animation is very fast. I’m using Cinema 4d R20.

I attached one frame preview of my heads.


RE: Another question is about fading effect on a cloner.

Check the youtube link. I think it is what you need. It uses mograph cloner with a material set to mograph color to fade the clones in and out.


@bentraje Thank you very much! :slight_smile: Now I watch the tutorial you send me before and then I’ll say you how I solved my issue :smiley: