Animation noob rotation question


Can someone help me sort out an animation mess. I hardly ever have to do animation and the f-curve and dope sheet drive me insane when I do.

I have an object that spins fast for a bit, then slows down abruptly but smoothly, stops rotating for a bit, then speeds up again.

I set keyframes at the various points and set rotation values, then tried to adjust the f-curves. But the object is not doing what I want it to do.

Any advice gratefully received. Attached is my f-curve.


Is the problem because I have set rotation angle values? Can I set rotation speed as keyframes rather than angles?


that is correct. Keyframes set rotation VALUES not the speed.


so how do I get the motion I want?


I think I’ve got my head round it - my f-curves mean instead of slowing down, the object starts rotating backwards. I need to adjust the keyframes and curves so the rotation value is always increasing, but at different rates.