animation: little blue guy's walking cycle


Here is the walking cycle i just did … any advice ?

animation link



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Fairly decent walk cycle there. There are a couple of places where he jerks or pops slightly, some of which might be due to the looping. His neck and wrists are quite stiff. He’s walking in quite a determined large-strided way, which makes me wonder whether you’ve tried it with the hands as fists - might work better overall.


great advice … thank you very much …now i have revised those palce you mention about … take a look the result …

animation link



my website


Looks like you have a really good start on his walk cycle. Just a couple of observations:

His legs are going completely straight (locking the knee). It seems a bit unnatural…perhaps leaving the knee joint with just a bit of bend in it.

The shoulders and torso could possibly use some additional movement to add some emphasis to his walk.

I look forward to seeing more.


Hi … Chris … i have retuned those flaws you mention … take a look at it … i think your opinion is really helpful… now it looks better…i also have another wire-fram clip to let people c the muscle ( er… maybe not that muscle ) movement … check it out …
thank you all !!

the walking cycle


Bravo! Very nice walk cycle. i like the casual stride, but a few things that i noticed after watching it loop, was that the pelvis goes down before the front leg is on the ground. generally when walking it is a matter of falling forward and catching yourself. i would try to delay the pelvis until the front foot has hit the ground.
although it is hard to tell from the angle, just remember that nobody walks with their feet parallel to each other. bend them out more so that he doesn’t seem so uptight. overall very nice feel and i can’t wait to see the changes.


Many thanks DHardin!! I have update the walking cycle after seeing your advise… now the little guy is walking with more dynamic poses … this is much more interesting … i think i will try more different style of walking cycle … this is so fun… hope you guys enjoy it too .

walking cycle aniamtion




WOW! what a difference. The character has a lot more personality than before. The arms are moving very nicely and the figure eights both hands are making give the walkcycle some snap.

I saw the skipping blue guy posted as well…if I may, there were a couple of things that seem a little off.

I’m having a little trouble with the abruptness of his motion at the apex of his skip–it seems as if he is actually hitting his head on something. The other is, I’m not getting a strong feeling for his weight. Perhaps, bending the knees a little more or adding some “squash and stretch” to the little guy would help him out.

Thanks for the kind remarks in your post…I can’t wait to see where this guy will go next.


Very interesting to have the previous examples posted next to the revised versions. The guy definitely has a lot more character, its not just a ‘generic walk cycle’ any more. Nice one :slight_smile:

The skipping isn’t quiite emphasised enough though, try to push it a little further if you can.


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