Animation jitters Max or Premiere



I have recently had problems with jittery wmv output from Premiere CS6 using frames created in 3DS Max Design 2013. I tried changing Camera controllers to Bezier from Linear and this seemed to help. I was originally using JPEG frame output from Max but changed this to Tiff. I also messed around with various FPS settings to try to solve.

Having just rendered off a few thousand frames for 12 short clips, they are all still jittery. I am not sure if this is a Max camera problem or a Premiere problem

Is there anywhere I can pick up a set of “test” frames (say 300) so that I can export these from Premiere to try and confirm that this is not a Premiere problem?

To comapre like for like I could do with around 300 frames of 1280 x 720 Tiff files.




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