Animation - "I'm not talking about dance lessons"


Just done a little acting piece I’m responsible for everything apart from the lighting,rendering and design.I hope you like it specail thanks to Alex York
for the lighting, rendering and hosting. And Francis Pang for the character design. Thanks guys

Here are some Stills



Here is the animation


Hey J, When i saw this as a 1st draft i thought it looked finished, ( was quite impresed) then you went and tweaked the hell out of it and now it’s top class!!

Nice 1


It looks cool but I think U can twik it a litle bit having the guy act like trowing a brik when is talking aboutt it and having it muving his hand like a knife when is talking about chopping it up;)


Very funny character and great acting animation.

Good job :slight_smile:


Yo John, rendered version looks cool mate! I like the bump mapping on him too :slight_smile:

Whens that short film coming out :wink: ?


a beer to the 1st person who can name which film the line is from :slight_smile:


Well my friend, the line is from the movie named “Royal Tenenbaums” which starring Gene Hackman and Ben Stiller. And the voice in this animation is Gene Hackman’s voice. :slight_smile:

By the way, thanks but I don’t drink beer.
Except here :beer:


Alright bud, sweet ani, saw this quite a while ago now and it looked sweet then. Not sure if you’ve tweaked the animation since then or just had it rendered, but the render ads a nice feel to it. However, i think the render is a bit dark especially when the puplis dissapear into the shadow. I think this hides a certain amount of the acting, and doesn’t let us read the character fully.

Nevertheless, another fine acting peice by JL :thumbsup:


thanks for the comments guys i’ll see to it that things get changed i’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:


You ask and we supply!

Here’s a lighter version - hopefully you can see the pupils a lot easier now - I’ve tested this out on several monitors and two TVs and it looks fine now I hope.

Click here for the new movie
1.5mb DivX the same as the old one



PS. Many thanks for the useful feedback so far everyone. Really appreciate it!


Hey Alex, where is my beer my friend? :smiley:



sorry, I nearly forgot!


Here we go! :beer:


cute animationg :applause:


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