Animation: Giant scorpions


: : UPDATE 01/04/04 : :

Download the new animation here.

Hello !
I just finished this shot and I’d really appreciate any comments, critique and suggestions.
And don’t go easy on me ! :wink:
It was a personal experiment to put 3D characters into a live-action plate.
Here’s a still and you can download the short shot here (1 Mb, QT6 required).
Thanks !


wow i was amazed it actually looked like a real movie scene, i dont reply to much but this definetly caught my eye


very nice! :thumbsup:


Hey really good. The one in the front his foot doesn’t go down when he steps in the little drainage ditch.
The animation could be more varied if you wanted, it looks like a cycle. Lighting and other stuff looks good.

edit: It looks like you rendered it on a plane and didnt bother modelling the scene.


Nice! To be critical though, (you probably noticed this already) when the shadows hit the pillars they don’t act as if the shadows were really in the scene. Other than that, good job. :stuck_out_tongue:


nice. You matched the lighting pretty good, however, the shadow sliny talked about is really distracting, caught my eye immediately.

the spiders movement is somewhat artificial. THey all move at the same speed and it would do the scene good if you moved their body somewhat more random (maybe up and down or somethgin).


I agree with Garma, you need some up and down movement. Right now the scorpions’ bodies only rotate. Also their feet (claws) slide around. See if you can get the feet to stay planted when they are on the ground.


Thanks for all the feedback, everyone !
I started fixing the things you mentioned. As you could see, animation isn’t exactly what I’m very good at. :wink:
The pilars should receive shadows now. The scorpion’s bodies have a slight up-downward movement and their “feet” don’t slide any more. Oh, yeah, and although I’m not sure it’ll be visible, their claws will actually step into the ditch (so I modeled the scene a bit more, sethmisek ;)).
I’m rerendering the shot now (which will take a while) but I’ll post an update as soon as it’s finished.


I’m still rendering the animation (is there anyone who wants to get rid of his renderfarm ? ;)) but for who’s interested, here’s a quick render: a close-up of the scorpion. As you can see, the geometry is actually pretty simple. (I changed the tail a bit in the animated shot.)

or a larger version

As always, any feedback is welcome ! I’m here to learn.


Ok, judging by the time of your last post I don’t think you’ve finished rendering the second version. Otherwise I was gonna state that the pillar problem was still there. :wink:

The lighting it spectacular. The pillar shadow thing is the biggest problem I see.


I also noticed the pillar shadows… another thing is that the shadows are too light compared to the shadows on the live action cars.


The new version has been rendered (it took a bit longer than expected because of some funky shadow problem).
You can download it here. (or check the link in the first post).
Any feedback is welcome (even if it means I have to fix it and rerender the whole thing ;))!
Also, do you think it will make good showreel material (yes, I’m looking for a job as well) or not ?



very impressiv work!


Very nice job:bounce:


I realy love those guy’s ! Very nice modeling at scorp’s ! I think the left one is smiling :slight_smile:


If i parked my car there i think i’d need a new set of underwear…very well done


wow looks really nice!! :applause:


So… what’s up with the weird shadows on the pillar?

Other than that nitpick it looks pretty darn awsome. The lighting really sells the shot. Oh and feel quite free to show a wireframe of the scorpion.


wow. very cool! I got a chill up my spine just watching those bugs crawling around.


don’t know if you meant to, or maybe it’s a compositing problem, but you can see through the scorpion’s tales. It’s looks pretty sweet though! Good Luck