Animation: Gas Mask


Once again i’m disturbing you guys with this new animation:)

It will be great to get your criticism.


Done with 3DMAX 4.2, Photoshop, After Effects, Soundforge.
The still was rendered with Brazil renderer and the animation
with scanline renderer.

Thank in advance!


Let me be the first to say.

Those are some pretty nice renders and I’m sure the animation will be very special. I’m downloading it now!

:applause: :applause:

That said, no, you’re not disturbing anyone.



Hmm… I think I’ve seen thoes befor somewhere , but I didn’t know they were from you Meny ! Nice job ! :thumbsup:


this is fantastic :eek:
Going to dl the animation:thumbsup:

The animation is fantastic, how long did it take you to complete all this?


LOL… you must have made this with me in mind… gmask… is short for gasmask… :beer:


great mood, great scene setup… I really like what you’ve done :thumbsup:

My only comment, something that would bring me into the scene a little more, is if the figures didn’t have such smooth movement. If their movements were a little more jerky, I’d relate much more to them.

Anyway, again, wow great work :slight_smile:


I like the smooth movement. It adds to the apathetic hopelessness of the scene.


Thanks everyone!

TheGreenGiant, did you see it already?

Orbitronio, thank you! i did it in parts. the modeling and texturing
took 3 weeks but i worked on it on and off.
the animation took 4 days and the render 2 days…

Ac0rN, thank you :slight_smile:

gmask, when you posted me a reply in the cactus thread,
i noticed your nick :slight_smile:

javascream, you might be right about the movement of the
figures, but i’m also kinda like it like Ransaak said.
thank you…


Sweet animation. Liked the overall mood as well as the texturing. Very nice work.


The nice thing I would say it the total impression of the animation, not so much the details. Like your previous ‘woman gazing’ there is a clear atmosphere which works!

So I don’t mind that the bodies seem a bit stiff. The windy deserted cityscape, color lights and sound do the most of the work and that is for me personally where the power of this little piece resides. It is hard to make something which seems so simple that good…

Great stuff…


realy good…
good to see some people from israel here… :slight_smile:

really great stuff:thumbsup:


Another powerful work!! Excellent!!
I think that the slow, delibrate motions are prefect for the atmosphere.


I really don’t know what to make of this piece…It’s like perfect, for a lack of a better word (don’t know if that’s possible)

Meny, you’re seriously amazing to say the least…I’m big into realism and you’re easily one of the best I’ve seen…Can’t even begin to tell you how impressive your work is bro…
ruM’s OUT…

Edit: I looked at your site and saw the wireframes for this piece…Do0d, you’re UNREAL!!


Thanks again guys ! ! !
I’m glad you liked it!


Great! It has a horrible feeling, but I like it!

Dark style is cool!



I’ve been on your site many times now, really great !

It gave me a real lot of inspiration.


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