Animation from "The Office"


Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to let this one go and move on to something new, but I’m pretty happy with it. It was my first serious attempt at animating two characters having dialogue. Any comments or critique are most welcome. Render/textures were just slapped together, so I know those are kinda lame…


AVI (xvid codec)

I love animation! :cool: I start animation mentor in january and CANNOT WAIT!!!


Heh heh, nice dialog and nice animation. :slight_smile: Good luck at AM. And have fun animating bouncing balls. :slight_smile:


Hehe - I really need to practice bouncing balls and the basics, so I’m very excited about really getting the 12 principles down.

By the way, your work is fantastic! I love everything you’ve posted, particularly the heavy push. Maybe I’ll see you around “in the halls” at AM… :slight_smile:


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