Animation feedback please


just writing down this syncsketch link for the same clip, if anyone feels more comfortable with it.


guess who’s back, back again. shady’s ba… i mean. hello again!
took some notes from a lot you you kind people. again, thankyou!
-tried making the jumps/leaps snappier without shortening the air time
-added a sliding action at the start cause it was a cool idea
-bits of squash and stretch adjustments
-gave the end part of the tail a little wiggling action when in the air
would love to read your thoughts/reviews/critiques on this.

youtube :

syncsketch :


so, this is my second try at a walk, or what they call a vanilla walk (sounds cool). i’m not yet sure if i have fixed the popping knee issue totally or not. unfortunately there’s no knee snap function available in this rig, fixing the knee issue is tough. or maybe im too much of a noob.
anyway, please take some time to tell me how you think this is and how i can make it better.
also, it’d be great if someone could show me what a walk’s knee arc should look like (exactly how smooth is smooth enough?)

Syncsketch :


arghh walking is so tough to do right :3
feedback please? thankyou!


welp seems like this forum is pretty dead for animation crits man… think you’d probably find faster help in facebook groups

One tip about the knee pop though… they should always be moving in a forward motion. So where you see them staying in place for multiple frames or moving backwards, it’s causing their motion to stick. Try drawing dots where the knees are for each frame and look at it as a whole. You basically want them to follow smooth forward moving arcs and not overlap or cluster!


Hi bruce! unfortunately, i dont know of any groups on facebook that helps out total noob animators like me. facebok groups appear to mostly be modelling and sculpting oriented. anyway, i still have you here xD cant leave this place, although if you feel like helping me out more, you may leave me your id/adress for some other place where youre more active xD but anyway, thanks for the tip about the knee. i never knew that backward motion was not supposed to happen. although ive tried not to let that happen anyway. “tried”.
so… here’s the copied message :3
Late post. been struggling with the walk for about 3 weeks now, ghosh xD thanks to everyone who helped me up until now. (altho i think this place is becoming a little inactive)
anyway, heres the latest walk attempt:

please leave any tips or critiques you can, will appreciate it! :slight_smile:


Well don’t labor it too much man… you can only do so much with that rig and this is your first walk cycle? Finish it up and move on! They will only get better by doing more.

Not sure about any specific fb groups… but this one looks kinda good?


Well i have a habit of redoing the whole thing once im tirrd so this it technically my 5th walk, but yes I’ve been doing them non-stop. I think i should move on to… A personality walk xD oh well
I’ll take a look at the link, Thankyou bruce :slight_smile: you’ve been a big help. (I’ll continue posting here too tho)


Hello! I tried (and failed i guess) at a personality walk with the same rig. (I cant wait to move on to character rigs omg)
This is supposed to be a feminine walk, but idk, it just doesn’t look good to me. Please have a look and let me know what im doing wrong. Thanks!.


…smaller steps would be considered more feminine. A problem I’m noticing with this model is it’s essentially wearing big floppy boots. Anything you animate with it will be directly influenced by that. Is there any reason you’re using this one?


Sigh. No. I just realized that and now im about to try again with a character rig with upper body hidden at first. That should help me a bit :3


Hello! How about this one?


Heeey now that’s gettin somewhere!

From the way I was taught though… don’t begin to lift the back heel until the frame right before your next contact pose when the front heel places down. This indicates the transfer of weight. For some reason they don’t show this with 2d walk cycle examples but it works.

Also, would angle the front foot upwards more before the contacts and lift them a little off the ground. Not sure if this is a dragging flip flop shoe walk… but still try lifting them and don’t let the toes cut through the floor on those passing positions.

Good work man!


Thanyou very much bruce! Ill be sure to fix the heel lift part. I also get what you’re saying about the lifting of the foot before it contacts to the ground. Ive been hesitating to do it for some reason but ill try doing it now. Thankyou for the points :slight_smile:


an update:

thanks for the help, bruce! also, if there’s still some things that feel wrong, please let me know. :slight_smile:
(why is this thread and the 11secondclub thread so dead? or is it that noob animations are boring? xD )


new clip. this time, a full body vanilla walk. also, this is the first time i did a stepped blocking so, help me out pls :3


Not quite the best use of blocking here because it’s actually making things harder to see, but I can see you need to keep the upper torso moving forward and not let it stick for 2 frames at those contact poses! Right now it’s making knee pop and screwing up your weight distribution.

Did you check out that facebook group? Any good?


Ah well im new to blocking. I guess there’s a lot to learn in that too. I’ll check out some videos on it on guess.
I have joined a few Facebook groups but they mostly pay attention to good animators, sadly xD but im still posting there everytime. Sometimes i do get help, which is great :slight_smile:
Thanks bruce! Be back after splining this


Looking for critiques on this clip. Thanks :slight_smile:


looking for some critiques will appreciate any tips or advice

syncsketch link to front/side/perspective views :