Animation Exercise


Bouncing Balls:
This is an animation exercise, I’ll do 3 types of balls, but at now, have 2, some feedback is needed…




Nothing to say, Colin?
Well, I thin kI used the wrong expression? “Ping Balls”?


hey Ghizme
I think they look a bit light, you might want to tighten up your keys a bit.


So, I liking of actual test!!
Just in few frames, looks a little false motion on the red ball!!
The last jump of black ball looks a few strange to!!
But good test!!


looking the images that Colin show us… I tried to used and I change something based on it.
DevIII - I dont know exactly what to do about your view… so I tried to make changes too… Thanks!

Hey Elinewton! Glad to see u here =]
I look again and maybe saw what u viewed too… I made changes…

Lets see:

Thanks a lot!


sorry ghizme, when somethings light it usually means you have too many frames between keys. for instance in your updated version. the first and probably second bounce of the red ball takes to long over all.

also just before you transition between the black ball and the red ball, the ball stops absolutely in space, this sticks out as we normally expect things to move especially after hitting the ground.


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