Animation - "encounter", Adan Hancock (Animation)


Title: Animation - “encounter”
Name: Adan Hancock
Country: Australia
Software: 3dsmax6, Premiere, Photoshop

I am currently studying 3d animation at The “Computer Graphics College” in Sydney.
This is my special effects project I have recently completed while at the college.
My goal was not realism but rather a style that I myself would enjoy looking at. Reactor (3dsmax’s pyhsics and dynamics system)
was used for the cloth, ropes and throwing larger mesh objects around. Particle flow was used for particles.

I spent about 5 weeks on this project. Hope you enjoy it.

                                                    - Adan Hancock

Video is 26 seconds long including 20 seconds of 3d animation.

“Encounter-Small” - 6.5 meg, 720 x 576 @ 25fps DIVX -MIRROR 1
“Encounter-Small” - 6.5 meg, 720 x 576 @ 25fps DIVX -MIRROR 2

“Encounter-Tiny” - 3.7 meg, 360 x 288 @ 25fps DIVX -MIRROR 1

If You are having trouble watching you may need to download the
latest DIVX codec


:slight_smile: I don’t see how they can miss from such a distance… :rolleyes:
The film’s quiet good for a one-man-production, crongrats!


Really nice physics! Modelling and texturing look good too. I like your style.


lol, reminds of the scene in titanic where all the people are falling off the boat deck. Great stuff, short and sweet!


Thanks for your comments.
I was feeling a little low after going through the gallery here last night.
Such amazing work. I guess it should just make me want to work harder to improve.


Heya, I finished down at cgc at the beginning of the year. :slight_smile:
Nice animation, very cool effect. The only critique would be the flame of the canon fire seems slightly strange, but still looks real cool. Nice stuff. Did you model the boats and sailors etc? All super fast for 5 weeks.
Keep it up!



Were you in the morning cga class? If so then we are about where you were when I started. If that makes sense. I came in to your class a few times during IT and TA to model personal stuff.

Hows it going after cgc? You find a job in the industry?

I modelled everything. I kinda “cheated” on the sailors in the sense they are rigged with CS biped and I didnt rig them myself. In the end my project files were 80 meg uncompressed and particleflow would sometimes take 10 minutes to update.


it looks cool but I think that the ships should rool back and farward when they shoot and when they got hit by a cannon ball. The guy falling is quite nice and fluent. The spalshes aren’t perfect but if you are going for animation having realistic particels isn’t your main point.


Was in the afternoon class. No job in the industry as yet, though I only handed in my final show reel a few months ago so I’m still in the ‘improving it’ stage.

I love the boats, how many poly’s in them sukers? Would make for a real nice ‘cinematic’ style short if you were to keep going with it. A rolling ocean, misty environmentals etc… :thumbsup:



the animation looks just awsome! it rocks!
as mentioned before the muzzleflash looks a bit strange, but cool. in pirates of the carribean i might remember there werent that much fire. but i can be wrong.

the ship models are absolutely gorgeous. could you give us some wires, closeups or even references?



Abaddon - 900k polys between them. So roughly 450k each.

Ingurum - I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your kind words.

This is the ship I modelled off. Its not exactly the same. I just used these pictures as reference. I may posy some wires and Different views later.


Good Works. More Imagination Will Be Greater!


Great work, congratulations.Very good render and models.:thumbsup:


nice it looks really detailed


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