Animation: Dumpy Test


Hello everyone!

This is my new character I’m scrambling to include on my Siggraph reel and I would like a critique of the animation if possible. This is one of two animations I will be including on my reel with the new character. The other will be an acting/dialogue test. It’s not finished yet. :blink:

3 caveats:

  1. The opening screen color will be black, not pinky-red. I used red because I thought it would help me see the shape better whilst I was animating and forgot to change it before playblasting.

  2. Don’t pay attention to the weird stringy-line artifact. My graphic card doesn’t like SmoothProxy sometimes. It doesn’t render that way.

  3. Sorry for the smaller size and compression. 56k sucks.

Divx AVI, 1.8MB



Looks pretty good so far. i only have a few things so far to say. first i really like that pink/red color, i think it would be better then black, gives it a little more character, but i can see why you would want the black. Second at the very begining when the hand comes on it seems a little slow, maybe its just me, and also it would be nice to see the second hand grab on right after the first and grabs and before the screen is pulled away, right now it looks as if his second hand jumps on screen. Another thing there is something wired with his waving hands while he is sick, i think you should speed it up and really make him flale about. And one final personal thing i was expecting to see him let out a huge burp, and was kinda let down with a tiny fart.

Other then those things i really like this little short. great expressions and feeling of wieght, also really nice character and rigging job, being solely and animator i wish i had such a killer model and rig to animate with that has that much expression and functionality to work with then just IKJoe which i am using now(which is good but limited).

Well thats just my two sence, do with it what you please.



Yeah, me too. That was my entire intention, but unfortunately his damned arms are too short, and I cant make it reach. I could cheat it but then his face comes through the thing. ?

Shoot. I assume that by “fart” you mean his actions immediately following his flailing. Its supposed to be a swallow. I guess without sound I could see how it could be seen as a fart. Well, he is a gross little dude.

Thanks for the critiques! Its always so helpful to get different opinions.

Keep em comin’.


Well one idea to cheat it would be to place him directly behind the pink screen so he can reach with his other hand(he will be behind a screen so he wont be seen) then as the screen is pulled back just move his body with the screen so we cant see him. then continue with the way you have it. let me know if what i am saying doesn’t make since.

Oh and also after relooking at your piece again, i understand that he is swallowing, its kinda confusing though with out any sound, i seriously though he was letting out a little fart because the screen made him gassy or something.

Again great work, and even greater rig you have there to work with.

Keep it up



Thanks about the rig. I’m constantly torn between wanting to be a character designer or animator. I have so much fun making face shapes and setting up rigs. My only major area of weakness is the mel scripting…if I would only spend a bit more time on the technical end…


No other crits?


I should give him lipstick and curls, and title the thread “Girl animation (caution nudity).”

I bet I’d get TONS of replies then.


Yah that sounds like the best idea i have ever heard. then you would get a ton of people. LOL



You really did some nice almost-choking-and-swallowing-just-in-time animation. But I think you should consider an adams apple (I hope that’s the right word) Anyhow, that might give it a more:" unglump" motion :smiley: sorry I ussually speak with a lot of gestures and sounds :hmm: But when you see the adams apple move a little up and than down, you really feel he just swallowed.

I really must agree with bledsoed, the second hand just pops in, it might look better when the hand comes in, not just pops. I also got a bit confused with the fingers tapping on the paper, if that’s what it is. I have no suggestions on what to do with it, but I wouldn’t do the tapping.

nice work! :thumbsup:

EDIT, Sorry I didn’t saw the post earlier :wink:

I’ve got a little question here.
agreenster, How do you feel about the MEL scripting? Is it an important skill for an animator? I want to do animtion too,I’m just starting out (well, not excectly, but you know what I mean) I’ve read some stuff about the MEL scripting and tried to learn it, but I got kinda distracted :smiley: I heard it is great for rigging characters up and I suppose it’d be quite usefull for animation too. I really like to hear you’re opinion, since you’re kind of a hero :smiley: I totally love you’re 10 sec animation of the godfather. :applause:


Hero? Hah! More like unemployed wanna-be! Maybe if I get a job I can be a mini-hero.

Anyway, about mel scripting. I would say anything available to learn can always be a plus. However, if you are only wanting to be an animator, focus on animation. Download IKJoe or blue dude and have at it. Mel is for TD’s, both FX and Puppeting. I need to learn more of it because Im always wanting to make new characters and the more mel you know the more power you have to do custom stuff. As it is, I have to really work around stuff to get the results I want.

As far as an adams apple goes, its a bit too late for me to add one. Plus, where would it go? The dude is a huge abdomen. I have to wrap this animation up today so I can render it and finish another animation for siggy next week.

Ive changed a bunch of stuff per your-and-others feedback, and I would say its close to done.

Ive sped up the beginning, so it gets to the character more quickly.

Thanks for your feedback everyone


That might be true, but you are a very good animator and I really loved the 10 sec club animation and your demo reel is pretty original :thumbsup:

MEL scripting might be a bonus, I think I’ll do it some time when I’ve animated some more. I think it well worth the time learning, since it’s much more fun to make your own characters, rigg them up and animate them :smiley:

:sad: Too bad you can’t render it out, but I think if you wanted yo you could add somthing like a wrap deformer or any other influence object, that might do the trick.

You’ll show us the final result, right?


Yep! I’ll probably post it in the Gallery section. Later this week I suppose.

And thanks for the compliments man. I need all the confidence I can muster for when Siggraph’s HR people will be kicking my ass.


Looking good man, and i mean good :buttrock:


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