Animation: DemoReel


I just finished my reel
here’s some stills:

The Reel 10mb [Divx]


some pro works…

but for the demoreel don’t like the music… and it’s a little bit confusing… there’s a little bit of anim… a little bit of texturing… a little bit of modelling… maybe you have to choose one and focus on a specif develop.




I think i’m with francescaluce on this one.

For an animation showreel, there dosnt seem to be alot of animation… I really did like the robot walkcycle animation, but the old man and the green alien need more work to become good animations.

The modelling looked great on the environments…

I liked the music you have chosen, but I like that song anyway, it might be a very particular taste.

If it is your final demo reel, perhaps put abit on the end saying what programs you have used.




If there’s one thing companies want on a show reel it’s focus. So, if you were applying to a smaller place that wanted a multi-tasker this reel seems pretty sold… that however seems to not be the case very often. Frankly, if it was just for animation, i think 100-90% of the shots should be strictly animation, or whatever area you are applying for.

I freaking love that song though, who is that?


The track is Massive Attack - Teardrop. You can find alot more tracks along its lines on ‘The very best Euphoric Chillout Mixes Breakdown’.

I still think that the music chosen does fit the peice very nicley. Good choice!



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