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I am a character animator coming out of an MFA program and I’ve just wrapped up my demo reel. Since the completed animation forum is locked down for some reason, I’m posting this here. Tell me what you think!

Ryan Yokley Character Demo Reel



nice reel man,

excellent work, i love the character you put over the audition excerpts, his body language and acting were great, but saying that, it was all very good, so that’s no surprise!

personally the cat scene was my least favourite, i thought it a bit funny he was at first cat-animated and then a biped (probly just cos i love cats, and their motion) but still it was well animated so not even a real complaint!

did you enjoy the FSU? im on an animation degree in Wales (UK) right now, and to be honest it’s a bit of a let down - depressing (and unskilled!) lecturers, with a poor structure, but i’m on the 2nd year now so i’ll stick it out (plus i didn’t have the grades to get anywhere else!).

nice work, also i must be being dumb, but i couldn’t find a link for the finished project: backpocket, any chance of one here? (good work pimping opportunity!)

good luck,


Thanks for the comments. My undergrad was at FSU, I got my foundation studies and some graphic design experience from there, but I went on to get an MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design. That’s were I started my animation teething.

Unfortunately there is no final for Project:Backpocket yet. We’re waiting on sound design to finish up. When it gets done, we’ll post it!


first of all, the little titles letting me know that the character was used by permission and that the walkcycle was 24 frames, etc. was actually a pretty nice touch that i hadn’t seen anyone use. probably something i’ll use in the future, it just made the whole deal look very professional.

my big criticism of this is definitely the lip-synching. i certainly know how hard it is to do this and you’ve certainly got me beat, but it seems that you aren’t emphasizing the phonyms enough. maybe it’s the resolution of the reel, but “gino” never appears to say any words- his head moves and his lips are doing SOMETHING, but they never form words. the best way to do this is to shut the sound off and see if someone can actually read SOME of what he’s saying. it’s tough but with somewhat good phonyms defined it should be somewhat possible. again, i’m not claiming that i could lip synch that well.

now for the little comments:
i can’t stand the first piece with the goblin thing opening the box. the lip synching is by far the weakest here than in the entire reel, and the transition from preview to render, well, i just don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish by doing it.

i love the style of the second piece, and the sense of weight isn’t too shabby.

the third piece has some great facial expression and i wish you’d shown more of it, or more of the same amount of expression.

the fourth piece as i mentioned above is way too muted- the sound clip has the gino speaking rather loudly, and you’re barely mumbling it. great eyebrows, but the arms are a little too “marionette”.

the two following cycles are great, but if you’re looking to cut down time, you could do it with the second clip.

the next clip is great visually, and you should definitely use this type of clip more than the stuff at the beginning.

the next gino clip is actually pretty great, and the lip synch seems like it’d be awesome if i could hear the clip and there wasn’t a censor in the end of it.

the alien around the rock seems a little iffy- i again don’t really know why you’ve included it. just because you did it? it just doesn’t seem like your strongest piece.

the next gino piece was great and the followthrough with the ears is rock solid.

the next four clips really show your work off pretty well, and the animation is great in pretty much every one.

the cat is a little weak, but i like the beginning of it. it’s just when he stands that it starts to fall apart.

and lastly, the last gino clip seems great but the lip synch doesn’t match up. maybe that’s just my machine?

sorry if you weren’t looking for this much criticism, but i figured i’d take a few minutes and really look at your work.


Thanks for your comments, wallabee. I will work to polish my lip syncing. Some of the audition clips may actually be suffering because we did a 24/30 pulldown and I don’t think the audio was resynced properly. I will try to resolve that on my reel. I’m beginning to think I should take the alien guy out of the reel. I’ve had some comments that it isn’t strong.

ah well. Thanks again, I’ll make some changes here fairly soon.


for what it’s worth, the phonyms LOOK great, they just either don’t match up or they need to be more pronounced. pulling down to 24fps from 30 would probably do that, for sure.

and i love the style of the work you guys did at your internship last summer- it’s right up my alley. was that a combined effort for that look, or was there someone in particular i can keep an eye on for that type of style?


The visual style was conceived by our concept artist, an extremely talented 2d guy named Josh Parpan after much round-table discussion on what look we wanted to go for.

If you go to and check out his blog page, he made a lot of concept drawings during his 3 months in Portland.


Hmmm I kinda liked the little alien trying to be scary,… but then his light goes out:).

If I had to pick something I didn’t like (and I’m sratching here) is the folds on the inside of the forearm, upper arm, of the baldy who says ‘is that really necessary’ are a bit rubbery.

I loved the breakdown shots and you gave due credit everywhere. The begging at the end was a nice touch. With lipsync seems to be a general consensus here to ‘overdo’ it a bit, which seems a good crit.

Well done man!
Good luck with finding the right salt mine!


Thanks for the comments, Kanga. Live and learn on that deformation issue on the inside of the forearm, unfortunately. Now that I know more about corrective blendshapes I won’t have that issue as much in future rigs.


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