Animation Demo Reel (Fast Action/Robots/Acrobatics)


as usual thats super news…
hope to see more killer mecha models and rigs…this is one fo the best thing happened to me in a long long time…atleast it has quenched my thirst for mehca-based rigs/models…
thanks Kiel…
frankly, it needs to hit the headlines on the forum…it’s been surprising why it hasnt so far…


btw- was just hoping if you got a chance to look in to my mecha_claw animation?


just to know, how much bandwith that post took since you started it?
I mean, how much data transfer your reel generated?
Sorry to be off topic but i dunt know where to ask…

and for the conceptcan host, can you give me more details about it? :S


Some really nice set pieces in there man. I do think that you have nailed certain elements of your reel however try to learn when to hit those holds, and try and go over that 4 legged walk cycle. :slight_smile:

Aaaanyway , I was just wondering if you have any plans to release the rig of the plain guy who is featured in the “running backflip” the “leap over and land” and the “gun spin round shooteh-ma-thingeh” parts of your showreel, as this is what i have hoped u release.



I enjoyed the simplicity of your reel, and it definately makes me pay attention to the animation. I’d have to agree that some of the movements look a bit floaty, springy. I love that acrobatic stunt by the female character, that was inventive. I’m assuming you were focusing this at maybe some kind of game company? This isn’t directly aimed at you, but I am so tired of all the action hero, gun blazing, generic characters. Other than that your animation chops are superfluous.


amzing animation, great cuts, very great storytelling abilities, all around fantastic job!!


Pinet: my reel gets about 3.3 gigs of traffic a month. is a friends portfolio site that has yet to go active so he let me use some space over there and his bandwidth in the mean time. I dont know what host he has, and i dont believe he will be hosting anything else.

Poor old Father: yeah, moving holds are slowly but surely coming into my current work. Im unsure what 4 legged walk cycle your referring to (the machine at first only has 3… ). As for the female rig used in most of my shots, that one was requested not to be released, so when its deemed appropriate i will host it.

Bluebird: Yeah, as above, the holds and weight shifts need to be solidified a bit, and im workin on that. I did intend my reel more towards games, more directly at cinematics for games. Not sure what you vented about however, did i have generic, action heroes on my reel or are you referring to game or reels in general?

gr8: thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

More rigs coming in a few hours.


thx for responding :slight_smile:


more fun, thanks to Malcolm Thomas Gustav, , Enjoy.


thanks a lot again Kiel & Malcolm Thomas Gustav for the 4th set…
and here’s my wicked side again…
’ got some mecha rigs in max? :wink:

I would also love to sincerely thank the artists responsible for these ‘cool’ rigs. Just hope i coverd them all. Great show guys. And keep’emComing…!!

Steven Kalinowski -
Dan Neufeldt -
Reed Casey -
Kiel Figgins -
Jessica Spence - N/A
Joe Treu -
Malcolm Thomas-Gustav -
Steven Kyle Wood -
Russ Schwenkler -
Jason Elliott
CGNetworks -
CGtalk -




WOW! Just saw your animation man and it looks fantastic. Iam not a animator nor a modeler in fact i just started using CInema 4D a couple of weeks ago but i can understand when something is great work. Like i said i was very impressed by your animation but i was even more impressed by you imagination. I specifiacally liked the Human figure that jumps from a ‘clif’ and lands and walks with his hands that was fantastic very nice physics it looked very real ^^. I also liked the human figure look (thin and and very agile, espionage and fantastic movemement and improvositation in his moves).

Nice one man keep up the good work…


hi to Kiel and Dan Neufeldt,
about the ninja rig…
i am not able to keep the wrist of the ninja fixed while i move his hips. there is an attribute - ‘rotate to arm’ in the HandRot and ‘go with body’ in the ArmCtrl which when set to zero allows me to freeze the wrist movements irrespective of the hips movement. but then when i move the hips the wrist gets stretched. is that how it’s to be?

thanks again for the cool rigs and models.


I also am having the same problem with the ninja rig. Hopefully will be fixed soon :stuck_out_tongue:
By the way i love the pug rig and deamon!


Nucleo- Thanks for the feedback, i should have an entirely orginal model along the lines of the female for my next reel.

Andy and Horns- Ill check the ninja rig out tonight and see if i can figure it out. If not its unlikely that he will be fixed (by Dan or I, simply due to our schedules), but if someone out there wants a shot at it, ill gladly give’m props and rehost it.

More rigs coming, maybe tonight if i get some time to get them together.


awsome work


Thanks Shaggy.

Another set is up, Enjoy.


wow! supercool…man, i never cease to amaze myslef with all those super-ultra-cool looking rigs.
superThanks Kiel and Reed Casey.
It’s so exciting with animation mentor enrollment yesterday and then these cool-mecha looking rigs coming our way.
keep’emComing for us guys.
we love you all.


hi kiel,
just checked your new animations on your webpage…
i can literally feel the fun you are having animating them all…
i liked the creech character…and the rig looks pretty cool…

whats in store from the setup team? '-)




kiel, these rigs are simply amazing!


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