Animation Demo Reel 2006- Nick Whitmire


Here’s my new reel. Got some stuff from my recent work on E3 trailers. Critiques and comments are welcome.

Link: (10 Megs)


Anyone out there? Just wanted some feedback…for the love of god…


i am not really sure what went into the Call of Duty one or the dirty harry one either. But both looked great to me. I was really impressed with the character animations that you did in the rest of the reel, not only very realistic but very cool as well. I am just a jedi in training so i am not the best one to talk to but i give it two thumbs up.


yes! The angler fish is enchanting, great work!


glad to see you got some title man…way to go ya jerk :thumbsup: …oh and i still cant believe you did that last animation with FK arms…your rediculus…all and all bro the reel looks pretty slick…you new work is getting really good man…much smoother and natural than your student stuff…cant wait to see some of your new stuff…get to work slacker…

sorry for no real critiqe…give me a ring some time this week…

Jon Robins


Have you posted before with that skeleton animation?
I recognise it…
I’m not really much for feedbacks because I’m just a graduated student but here it goes:

-Some of the stuff towards the end was definately better than stuff at the beginning (after the first videogame shots) so I would suggest putting your best work first.

-The character acting was really well done in the lipsync, and I think you should have at least one more of those in there where the character(s) are standing or moving around more, just to show some range and weight shifts.

-The skeleton one is well executed, but I almost wish that the guy jumping had more weight to him. I know they’re light, airy skeletons, but there is something floaty about their movement.

-The videogame part at the beginning…and I know this is something you probably cant get back into and edit, but alot of the men falling down seemed to float on the letterbox which partially made them look like they were floating in mid air and having no momentum when hitting the ground. I also know that videogame animation is alot more limiting, but I think that could be remedied somehow.

Hope this helped you. Feel free to give me some feedback on my recent post :slight_smile: I would really appreciate it.


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