animation clip


need crits


purpose of this is the character is coming along and sees something that startles him, scares him off correct?

my first suggestion would be for the backwards walking steps, would be to slow those down more, like really have him step back slowly, and THEN run quickly away, it will add more texture to the timing of the animation and I think it would really help it out. Maybe just try that simple change for starters.

looking good though


Thanks for the crit… Ill try to do what you suggested… I had been thinking about it but the purpose of this exercise was to see if I could get all of it done in a set amount of time


I would also suggest working with the timing but its also lacking weight, the character just kinda floats from one step to the other. You need to put the proper hip, left to right and up and down, movement into the steps. The character also needs to keep at least one foot on the ground while he is walking. Right now there are points where both feet are off the ground and that just throws any sense of weight out the window. You also need to roll the foot with the walk and run, right now your foot is stiff and doesn’t bend at all with the movement.

Keep up the good work and I hope this helps


worked on it some more tried to work in your crits


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