Animation: Characters


Hi all,
Here’s some tests that I’ve been playing around with. I’ve been trying to pump up my performance skills, posing, arcs and timing. Hope to see you all at Siggraph!



Awesome stuff man…keep up the good work


that’s excellent ! you are a great animator man, continue like that !


:surprised Beautiful Timing!!! Just gorgeous work!!! :applause: :buttrock: :surprised


i got to say this, the firs part was amazing ,the metal robot is ALIVE!!!
you have made me smile :applause:


very nice animation i am totally inspired. It is very smooth anf fluid, and the acting is very strong. Way to go. I would love to see the f-curves on this one. The robot character is just awesome too.


Oh so cool!!! Wayyyy cool…:thumbsup: wonderful grasp of expression and timing is just… WOW!:applause:


:thumbsup: WOAW the school must be far from you now, you have the talent of a very good professional animator, sure.

I love posings and timings. I do like the way of your animation, a little bit surrealist:)

Where are you working now?

thanks for this peace of knowledge.


Wahaha, man that’s really cool, great animations, especialy the robot, very funny too.

This should get plugged, great work ! :thumbsup:


Great stuff, just hilarious :applause:


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