Animation Challenge #7: FINISHED Animations...


LAST DAY: May 7, 2007

Progress Thread

Post your finished animations here.

Congratulations to all who animated for this challenge. And thank you for participating :thumbsup:

If you have any questions or comments please post in the Progress Thread. No posts other than final animations.


Here’s my entry, I chose to do the sound clip.

“I Got Robbed” Lip Sync


I too have been soundclipping…[

Here’s the video](


one more sound clip entry


Scene: Hit by projectile
Object: Meteor
Title: Anxious Act.

Anxious Act 3.2mb Quicktime H.264


Here’s my final for the dialogue clip. (2.5 mb QT H264)
Really fun challenge, thanks everyone for all the crits!


Hi all:) !

Here is my final animation with the soundfile from Eurotrip.


Hello. :slight_smile:

Here’s my final animation for the Eurotrip dialogue challenge.


Here’s my final for the dialogue clip


My entry:

My Entry Here updated (a bit more spit & polish:) )


nice works guys!:slight_smile:

here is my clip


What a turnout! Here is mine. (14mb)
Hit by projectile. A bullet in this case.

Textures arent final tho…oh well.


Okay, here’s my final animation. Another one for the dialogue group. Fun fun fun.



wow, great entries everyone. It’s been a pleasure seeing everyone’s contributions.


Hello there!

This is my final of the Eurotrip dialogue.


:eek: Did i made on time?! … Hope So .
Anyhow I chose the AUDIO acting Challenge
Hop u Like it . :buttrock:


SaveTarget As:


Nice work everyone :slight_smile:

Ok, well this is a bit of a rush job to get it done for today. I’ll have to work on it some more later, but here it is for now. I chose the audio clip topic.

Download - Quicktime (7mb)

View - Vimeo link


my clip Quicktime

My clip Youtube


I am using the Eurotrip file for my animation. Here is the playblast and a single rendered frame. Sorry that I didn’t have time to render the whole animation.


here is my animation still far from finished but :shrug:



great work everybody thanks for all comments and see you all in next session