Animation Challenge #5: Voting for Animation and Topic suggestions



Finished Animation Thread
edit: Can’t start a poll so we’ll do this manually.

Voting Rules:
-Vote for 3 animations that you like. If you’re one of the animators, don’t vote for yourself :slight_smile:
-Sorry, no prizes.
-If there is a tie then we have more than one person to congratulate.
-Voting will end on February 26, 2007 and I’ll announce the winner on the 27th.
-Anyone and everyone can vote!

Topic Suggestion:
This thread is also open to suggestions to expand the list (see next post)… Though it seems that the audio clip is very popular we’ll keep two options open and one will always be an audio.
-Anyone and everyone can suggest a topic!

How do you like it so far? Are there any changes you’d like to see in the challenge? Is the time too long or short? We’d like to hear of any thoughts on how we can improve the format.
-Anyone and everyone can give feedback!

A big THANKS to everyone who contributed either by turning in an animation to even giving the animators critiques and encouraging comments.

-Anyone and everyone can … oh wait, that’s it :smiley:


Here’s what’s been suggested so far.
[li]Loses at roulette
[/li][li]Exercise gone wrong
[/li][li]Chef cooks bad meat.
[/li][li]gets stomped or shot in the foot
[/li][li]sees attractive person, does a double take
[/li][li]given bouquet of flowers
[/li][li]their baby stroller rolls away too quickly to chase
[/li][li]clothes are torn off (like in cartoons, they have to cover themselves in that funny pose)
[/li][li]a guy loses a very important object
[/li][li]enjoying art
[/li][li]talking to the plants
[/li][li]giving orders
[/li][li]Ride (i,e, theme park… or anything for that matter…)
[/li][li]Emotion change ( change from one dramatic emotion to another)
[/li][li]Martial arts
[/li][li]peer pressure
[/li][li]classic lift
[/li][li]a moving walk, with a twist (i.e. not a cycle)
[/li][li]animate to a sound effects file (like gunfire or something)
[/li][li]russian roulette
[/li][li]waking up and walking outside naked
[/li][li]rooftop jumping/chase
[/li][li]Hot coffee (or tea if you prefer) gets spilled on the character.
[/li][li]Animate to your favorite movie line (10 Second Club where are you!?!)
[/li][li]Getting hit by a projectile like a ball or a bullet.
[/li][li]Making a difficult phone call.
[/li][li]Emotional or awkward stillness (just saw your pet get run over or walked into something embarrassing)
[/li][li]Change into a super hero out fit (think superman in phone booth)
[/li][li]Has rabies
[/li][li]Perform an athletic event
[/li][li]Nonhuman action (alien or monster performs an action)
[/li][li]A character shows affection to another character
[/li][li]Hiding from an oncoming threat
[/li][li]Finding the Master Sword
[/li][li]Solo SWAT action
[/li][li]Spying on an unsuspecting person
[/li][li]Animate to a song
[/li][li]Super Villian planning another nefarious scheme
[/li][li]Trying to cross a very busy street
[/li][li]Annoying the still-as-a-rock Guard on duty
[/li][li]Pass the ball. (A ball comes in screen left, character plays around with it, then tosses it screen right. When you string all of the animations together it should look interesting)
[/li][li]Heres music and dances against own will
[/li][li]Talks to baby and gets distracted and yells

Since no one turned in (a guy loses a very important object) animation it will probably still be available next time.

oh, when you suggest a topic just type in single lines, no need for a <list> code. That way it’ll be easier to copy and paste to our list.



Topic Suggestion:
Temptation of an addiction (a smoker trying to quit sees a cigarette, etc.)

Live grenade toss around (like the ‘pass a ball’ suggestion but with a grenade)

‘Back to basics’ (Animation Mentor like bouncing ball assignments, but must show at least 3 animations for the duration of the challenge)



Good work everyone Im looking forward to the next challenge.


Hello All,

First of all, this is great to be involved in. Thanks to the organizers, and everybody that participated.

Thoughts on the competition: I think that when the competition is launched the next time, there should definitely be no more than three choices of what to animate.

I think choice is nice, but I also don’t see snything wrong with offering just one topic, and thats it.

If you offer more than one, I think the choices should include one dialog piece ( of no less than ten seconds, and no more than twenty.) I would like to see one extreem action chioce, or somthing that requires the character to display thinking, and/ or personality.

And the last piece I would recomend a change of emotion, in 100 frames or less, simply give the subject like ‘lost somthing important’ or ‘pie in face’, and require a frame counter, 100 frames or less.

I think 30 days is ample time to animate and enter the contest.


Nice job people.




OK my vote is


Nice work guys. Looking forward to next comp.




This is my vote :


Great job people!:slight_smile: It’s nice to know you all




Hi everyone, great work to everyone that participated.






The next challenge will also have two animations to choose from. I will choose a topic and an audio clip, and there will be a vote for the animation without the audio. You only have to animate one or the other but you can do both if you feel up to it.

SirRon and I are the unofficial moderators for the animation acting challenges. We are trying to get official competition status so until then we will have to do without the luxury of stickies. As SirRon said we greatly appreciate your comments on how to improve the competition.

If anyone would like to help with the challenges send Me or SirRon an email.

jpencilworks- I like your idea of only having three choices to choose from. I will use this for the next challenge. The next audio clip will be anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds. Remember your animation can be as long as you want, it does not have to be the length of the audio. I will keep your idea in mind about animating to a length of time like 100 frames. Is this something found in the games industry?


here’s my vote


great work guys!
cant wait for the next challenge :slight_smile:


My vote would be


That was a fun contest! Good job to everyone who made it through.



I liked




defenetly joining the next one





And for another challenge all subject good!


1st place: Mandeep
2nd place: Tie b/w Trazza and Jpencilworks.

About list of new topics:
I feel that there really should be only 1 topic- only 1 body motion clip or only 1 sound clip.

From the view point of a prospective competitor animating on only 1 topic will allow me to compare my work with others and see whether I’ve gone wrong/ what I could’ve done better. In that way everyone gets better.

From the viewpoint of a non-competetive voter -again its easier to compare everyones work and try and find out whats making the good animation look good. That way we kind of have an objective measurement system.

I’ll vote for any one of these topics to be picked up for the next challenge:
*Martial arts
*classic lift
*a moving walk, with a twist (i.e. not a cycle)
*Perform an athletic event
*‘Back to basics’ (Animation Mentor like bouncing ball assignments, but must show at least 3 animations for the duration of the challenge)


my votes are drum roll



and for the topic drum roll

*live grenade toss (ball bieng passed) sounds like a laugh
*addiction temptation sounds fun too
*Change of emotion


Amit_S: I agree with what you are saying. Although the main reason we have two animation choices for the challenge is to allow more users to join in. Whats nice about animating to a non-audio topic is the freedom to not follow a path, and to animate in any direction you choose. And an audio topic is good because it gives you the chance to animate a main character that you would get working for a studio. Ideally there will be more than one entry in both topics, so you will be able to learn from someone who animated the same topic as you. If no one else animated the same topic as you be sure to ask many questions about your work (everyone likes to give c&c :slight_smile: ).



And the WINNER is…


Congrats Trazza, you won our first challenge with an audio clip.



Nice one Trazza! won’t be so easy next time :twisted:


Trazza you nailed it. Congrats!!


w000 congratz!


Aaah sweet. Thanks guys. That was good fun. There seems to be a bit more interest building in this one as well which is awesome. Looking forward to seeing what the next clip is and getting into it when i have a chance.

Thanks again.