Animation Challenge #5: FINISHED Animations...


LAST DAY: February 19, 2007

Progress Thread

Post your finished animations here. Please provide a single frame from the animation (No wider than 800 pixels).

You can keep updating your ‘finished’ animation until the end of the last day.

Congratulations to all who animated for this challenge. :thumbsup:

If you have any questions or comments please post in the Progress Thread instead of here.


Here goes mine~

will update with a picture soon :slight_smile:


Here is my post




That was a lot of fun. I haven’t animated these guys for almost a year. Thanks for the contest!

[V for Vendetta Clip](
(It's just over 3 megs)

Nathan Dunlap


Here’s my one.



hi heres my final… not at all happy with it lol but at least i finished for once…¬_¬ …kinda




LinkHere is my entry,

Sorry, I don’t know how to upload an image.

Thanks all, and cheers




This is link to my finished animation
at last,… I can attach my pic… thanks a lot SirRon :slight_smile:




Nice turn out! I really like Trazza’s.


Quicktime, 640x480

Vimeo Link

I’ll start a voting thread tomorrow along with open discussion on topic suggestions and feedback on how to make this challenge better.

For uploading pictures you can simply take a screen capture (and crop) or one of the frames you’ve rendered and use CGTalk’s ‘Attach Files’ feature. No pressure on the picture really, it would just be very nice to see a still frame.

There’s still time people! And great job to the participants :slight_smile:


This is realy great stuff. These entries are all great. Nice job people.




:applause: :applause:
Great work everyone!
Whats really cool is the creativity- how everyone has used the same dialogue in different circumstances. Now I’m going to try and check out on as many WIPs as possible. Hopefully I should be able to learn a thing ot two.

Khet13: Short sweet and simple! But u know- he’s smiling- and the tone of the clip is a little dark. (But u know what- if u had used ur 300 rig here- it would’ve been awesome!)

Nathan/LGM: nice work- but I liked ur second candles work better than the one which does the talking. Keep it up- I can see u’ve put a lot of effort in this.

Trazza: Is that ur own model? do u plan to release it to the public? Its awesome! Change the colour and reduce his size just a little and he looks just like the Blue Devil. (Check out DC comics)

Darken- I havent read ur WIP but it looks like u were rushed for time, is that right? Cause some parts of it look a little blocked out- and I know that u have the skill to make it far better. Nice work though. Keep it up!

Jon/Jpencilworks- oh man! whatever u do plz plz DONT upload ur work on putfile again! I tried to download it and had to click through 20 pages before I came to ur file:argh:
But ur clip was worth the mind numbing experience of just clicking through the files:thumbsup:
There a lot of other -and far better - upload sites. I personally use (and so does Darken, SirRon and quite a few others)

Henry: Ur clip oozes testosterone-just like Trazzas demon! Just 1 thing though- his mace doesnt feel very heavy although looking at its volume one would say it is.

Ron: Nice work…but I dont know why…maybe this is a limitation ofd the rig…his face just didnt seem serious enough…the size of Hogans lips make him look like he has a smile or something similar. I could be wrong though. I love the facial expressions- just didnt like that last part where his lips goes back to the default position. As I said Hogans lips default position makes it look like its smiling.

My Vote:
Mandeep: Grt work sardarji! Awesome expressions- I can actually feel the emotion! The way his eyebrows mov and his facial expressions -awesome!

Runner Up: This would be a tie between Trazza (grt work man!) and Jon( loved ur facial expressions too- but I felt Mandeeps was just a tad better)


Hey Amit_S

Nah it’s not my own model. It’s my mate Brad’s from work and no it won’t be available to the public I’m sorry. It is a great model to work with though and i’ll definitely be using it more in the future.

Thanks and glad you liked the animation.



Hey guys great turn out !

hey Amit ! yeah i was a bit rushed thats what i get for holidaying in prague. Tbh i trie the pose to pose lango method on this which isnt usually the way i work. I found it pretty difficult if im honest but im gna have another go at it on the next challenge… mebe ill do a non audio one… might be easier! lol


Hi Amit,…

Thanks man!.. Yeah, I feel that the mace is not feel very heavy too. I did the animation very rush, so I missed about that very heavy tool.
I will be carefull next time to animate.

Thanks again man!:slight_smile:



Hi Amit,

Well i wanted to try something diff from being dark but guess it did not work out hehe. :sad:
nah, my 300 rig has too little facial controls to do lip sync hehe.

Cant wait for the next challenge!


Hey all- just put in my official votes.

Trazza: No problem man. Love to see more work with that rig…but as i said how about coloring it blue? It’ll look even better! Brad? Not Brad Bird…???

Darken and Henry: no problem guys…looking fowd to ur next work…whatever u did- at least u completed it despite time constraints.

Khet: visted ur blog yesterday…nice work…even ur dads an animator! well…if the next challenge has no dialogue- then u can use that rig…


Hey Amit,

Yo, I will be sure to use VIMEO the next time, sorry about the archeology mission to get to my clip. You should never have to go through that much work to find what you are loocking for. Thank you for the kind comments about my work. There is so much to learn for me still, but I can finaly hear in peoples comments and criticisms, that all the hard work is starting to bear fruit.

So you are in Mumbai? I visited Nepal about a year ago, I am seriousely considering attempting to land an animation job there in India. I love the feel of your eastern continent,
I could see spending the rest of my life, rooting sround in the mysteries of those ancient places.
Did you know that India as a whole, is the worlds leading producer of 2D animation? You know of anyone looking to hire a junior 3D animator from the states?

To all who read this, I think that being able to come here and see the hard work and the passion that you all have for animation, and to be able to share my work with people who are like minded, and scattered all around the world,that is one of the brightest and most fulfilling parts of my journey to become a character animator. I apreciate each and every one of you out there. My hope is that we all can continue in this animating, telling great stories in new and compelling ways, and in a large part, effecting the world around us in a positive way.

Thank you all for your art,



Amen :thumbsup:


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