Animation breaks after grouping


Im doing a little kinetic typography in c4d, and have run in to a little problem, that I cant quite wrap my head around.

I animated some words going in to the screen space, nothing complicated, just translation on one axis, but afterward I wanted to group them under a null so that I can turn them off later so that I can use the same space for another line of text. When I place them under a null the animation breaks or changes direction oddly.
Even more weird is that I grouped the first sentence under a null without a problem, but the second and every other line breaks every time I group them.

Any ideas what might be causing this, because I seriously don’t want to animate the visibility on every word separately.


set the null to 0,0,0 world space and all should be fine.


Thanks, that did the trick.


do you understand why?


When you animate your objects without hierarchy, their parent is the World, which has 0,0,0 as coordinates.
When you group several of them in a Null object, that Null will take the common grouping axis coordinates (which will often not be similar to the world coordinates). Since your objects are now moving within a new set of coordinates, your objects values are jumping relative to this new set (they were initially animated with a certain parent value, so they are trying to match that again with the new parent object).

By setting the Null object back to 0,0,0, you are emulating the world coordinates and your objects will stay put compared to when they weren’t parented.

The other advantage is that you can now move them all through space by moving the Null object itself, and all objects will retain their animation relative to that Null object, no matter where it’s moved (so you can move all its children and their animation in bulk).


The main thing that confused me is that I didn’t manually add the null or manipulate it, but instead I selected the objects in the object manager and grouped them from the menu in the object manager, and I assumed that the new null would be neutral, and at the origin.

Now I manually add the null and then drop them underneath it, and everything is just fine.

Thanks to both of you, I don’t have much animating experience in c4d, I switched from Maya, and I still run in a few kinks like this along the way, while I get accustomed to c4d.


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