Animation: Beaver and Platypus




I’ll have to go through and add some detail to the tute again when i get time

for now i’ll repost all of the misc stuff that i had (just for mimo - i’ll be including blinking and dart tests haha)

here are the eyelid tests, I still want any c&c

And once again a completely unnecessary blink test :wink:
Blinking Test

should I keep them? anything i should change? should i go with the new flat pupils or the old bubbly pupils (see below)?[


here are the eyelids with the old pupils, i think the goofiness of the character comes out with these bubbly pupils where the other pupils make him look drunk (like mimo said in delted post)
I’ve overcome the problem of the pupils being above the eyelids when they close. I’m just going to set a driven key so that when the eyelid have closed a certain amount, the pupil gets pushed back into the eye, quite simple really

The dart and the moose head are coming back next


and back by popular demand is the amazing dart :wink:


Here is a moose head trophy thing for the wall on the pub


After a reply by mimo8 I changed the size of the nose/mouth, It looks alot better now I think. I’m trying to decide what teeth to give him. The first one in the pic below seems to have that goofy look which is more what I wanted for the Canadian characters (no offence to all u canadens;) I think the second one looks cheesy which is cool but maybe not what I want for him. Any suggestions or c&c?


thanks so much for the excellent tutorial! i’ll be looking forward to see your completed animation.
you should make your beaver looks drunk hehe, some pink tones in it’s face and an off-center eyes would do.


I really dig that beaver.


I realise that your platypus is a very stylised one, but i’d like to see the back of the beak a bit wider and wrap around the face a bit more. Doesnt need to be too much, otherwise you’d lose what you’ve got already for the character. But doing this might just add that little bit extra edge.

A real platypus beak is actually a reeeally weird thing. I had to model a platypus character at the start of the year for a client, and I started (without reference) to make it look more like a duck beak. Turns out they really are nothing like that. They cover nearly the whole face! And they look like they are sorta stuck on, rather than attached nicely. check this out:
were two of the better photos of beaks that i found.


thanks for your replies!

Panupat: thanks, just before the hacking incident I added alot more detail and explained what each section does but now its all lost, hopefully ill fix it up soon so check back. I think the beaver would look really funny drunk but the story is goin to be about the beaver trying to steal beer because of a beer shortage in canada, so the beaver has to be sober for most of the animation. It would be good to have the beaver drunk maybe in the credits or promotional stuff/titles etc

jintz: thanks mate

lricho: thanks for the links, I’d actually already seen that page and i’ve got alot of beaver and platypus pictures on my comp as ref. But thanks for the crits. I haven’t really played around with the playtpus yet, when i start fixing him up ill experiment with different bills. But i think i at least need to make the base bigger like u said


Great stuff!!

The peanut shaped characters rock!

I would have to say the the first of those two moosesesess is my pick. But then the second one might be better for the story… (BTW I am in your class, and Chris gave me a run down of the story). I was supposed to meet with you and Chris to help with your story but I couldn’t make it. Sorry about that, but it sounds like it worked out pretty well!

I can’t wait to see more!


PS: Thanks for the reply on my “Gus” post, he was almost pushed onto the second page!!


Hey, I also created a moose hanging on a wall - The link is in my signature, maybe you want to take a look at it :slight_smile:

I’m curious though how you created those wireframe-renders… I PM’ed you already! :wink:


thanks for the replies

andrewmartin: thanks, i think i like the look of the first moose/teeth aswell. I didn’t see your name at first when i posted in your thread and i thought since you where going to have it done by november and your location was brisbane i figured u must have been at qut, then after i posted I saw your name and realised you are in 3d3 (i remembered the stone dude thing from 3d2, very cool aswell)

Thomas Mahler: Heya, yeah i saw your moose and posted a reply a little while ago, it rocks! I’ve been hangin out to see some updates.

Wireframe Renders
The wire renders are done with the contour shader setup that I’ve posted at the beginning of this thread (but i forgot to mention how to do the wireframe renders). I’ll go back and add it soon, but here it is aswell: in part 5 when u set the contrast shader, check Diff-Index to turn on wireframe. The only problem is that it only renders triangulated wireframes, u don’t have to actually triangulate your objects, just render and mental ray does it automatically


Toon Shader Tutorial Updated

ok i’ve updated the toon shader tutorial with some more detail. hopefully its easy to follow

I urge people to have a go, it may seem a bit daunting at first but I can setup a scene like this in about 5 mins now.

haven’t been any updates lately, i had two big assessments due yesterday but it should be full on now with the semester running to an end. Modelling and a pre-vis should be finished in the next few weeks


hmm haven’t checked your updates but here’s a monster im using to see what your method can do :smiley: the line quality is so impressive. I used to do the same thing using sampler info for the outline, that was horrible…


Panupat: thanks for the feedback, you’ll have to show me how it turns out. BTW cool monster, Good luck!

Haven’t got any updates just yet because I’ll be working on another animation for the next 3-4 days (see my HEYA dance WIP below). But stay tuned…


Hey Captn,

Finally remembered the joke:

A Canadian guy was lost in the bush, and was starving. He survived by killing and eating a koala. When he came out, he told his story and was arrested for eating a protected species. He was hauled before the court and he pleaded guilty, but with mitigating circumstances: that it was life or death, that he was starving, that he couldn’t do anything else. The court decided on a small fine, accepting his story.
Outside the court, a reported asked “I know I shouldn’t be asking this, but what did it taste like?” The fella thought for a while and said
-“kind’ve like a cross between a fairy penguin and a platypus…”





BigSky that’s GOLD!!

Yeah captain_stinky you’re gonna have to fit that one in somewhere for sure!


sweet, sounds good and is a good length, thanks BigSky. That helps out alot

Ok I’ve been designing the layout and style of the pub and I’ve been working on the pre-visualization. Nothing to show right now but hopefully soon!


captain_stinky U rock
Like yer style


sumdumguy: thats a great motivator, thanks!

Here’s a very minute update of a fly from the bar

Just thought i’d post him cause he’s kinda cute