Animation: Beaver and Platypus


I absolutely love what you’ve done with this project so far and can’t wait to see what you pull out of your proverbial hat next. :slight_smile:
I was listenin’ to those voice actors for the first time tonight, and I really like 'em, this should be a sah-weet short when finished.
Can’t wait to see more.

-The ReBooted One


i love the style… and adore the frog :slight_smile:


Hey captain_stinky:)

Thanks for your tutorial on the Cel look in mental ray!!

I have one thing I can’t figure out. When at the Store Shader > contour_store_function. Now i’m lot with the connection editor. How do I connect Point to Contour? Or more so where did miDefaultOptions come from, cause I have no idea where to find it. I’m using maya 6, does that have anything to do with it?

Thanks for your time!!

By the way, nice work!!


heya! good to see some replys in here, its been a while

tadzik3d: thanx mate!

Vedic kings: not a prob :slight_smile: im real busy for the next couple of days (have to get a car roadworthy by thursday between working and i have a trip over the weekend) so ill have a better look at your problem when i get back. Just off the top of my head I think you may be havin the problem described at the top of page 7 (

If it is,
In the script editor type:
connectAttr -force contour_store_function1.point miDefaultOptions.contourStore;

I havnt got maya 6 installed at the moment so I cant actually go through the steps and see wats happening but when i get time I’ll get right on it. Give me a few days sorry! I know how frustrating it is when you want to try somthing out but it isn’t working :frowning:

So post back here if that is your problem or not and ill get back to you.

Animation News

My work has still been on hold but dont worry I will be finishing this project. I have finally got an ending im happy with so things should pick up again soon. Im looking foward to it. Just needed a little unwind after uni :s


Thanks for your reply captain_stinky!

Well I think in maya 6 its a little different on the setup cause I think that part is more automatic in maya 6. Well everything is working fine, I think? I just thought that I was miessing something important even though it was working fine.

Heres the link to the thread on my experiment as well as a few others.


Tell me what you think:)

Thanks again for your awesome tutorial! I was using tomcat before, but I can’t seem to get it to do what I want it to do. Have you use tomcat before? If so what are your thoughts on it?

I hope you get your car roadworthy soon, good luck man.


Hey captain_stinky!

Luv what your doing… looks great!

Im trying to use some toon shaders, but it just not the way I want it. It does everything that a toon shader should do, but it doesn’t draw a line on the object. Like a box or a human body.

Only the surrounding body.


Vedic kings: cool thread, everything seems to be fine. looking cool! ps didn’t get my car done in time to go on my holiday :frowning:

kambodianboi: 'Im trying to use some toon shaders’ are you using the tute i wrote or another cel shader? Send me your scene file if u want. I find thats the best way to diagnose problems (i get a few msgs from people about the tute lol).


hi dude! nice thread i am discovering here :slight_smile:
i also like to thank you for this great cell shader…i try to recreate Piccolo from Dragonball and vedic kings showed me your shader which i am using now…thanks a lot!!! i’d like to ask you what do i still need …have i done anything wrong here???

you can see reference images on the first page…


D-Hawk: looking good, the only thing i would crit (in terms of the shader) is that the green seems very bright! I would probably tone it down a little, i think this would make it look a whole lot better


BING! Look who pops up outta the blue… Hi stinky… t.a.f.k.a. sumdumguy here… Good luck following through on this proj mate, it always had tonnes of appeal and potential and imho is too cool to be left unfinished… Gun it!:thumbsup:


Great tute, capt. Any updates? Incidentally, how can we post pictures straight into the post (since the insert pic button is only a link to another website). Is this right reserved for the person who opened the thread???


DaddyMack: thanx for your words, always appreciated :slight_smile:

dbsmith: thanks! no updates as of yet, i know i keep saying this but I am getting back into it… slowly :S As for the posting: all images have to be hosted on another website, even those who started the thread. The only images that are hosted on CGTalk are the finished pics. If you’ve got some work you’d like to show I wouldn’t mind hosting some of it from my space until you get something setup. Just send me an email to


Oh btw if you’s are interested I have tried a few 2d works, i wanted to do this something I could turnover in short period of time. The links are in my signiture or as follows:



Heres a pic done by DBSmith for a short film he’s working on

Very clean render! Are you going to change the colour of his tail? I think that will give him a lot more detail. It looks like you’ve got your settings worked out for a good level of line detail :slight_smile: Looks like the teeth are missing the outline though.

Nice work!

DBSmith: The link for the picture is
If you want to start your own wip thread just email me the pictures as you make them and I’ll dump them in my folder.


Oops, the tail (and feet) were an oversight on my part, and will be a pinkish color. Hadn’t noticed the teeth though, will fix that up, cheers for that. Actually, the short film is already completed but with a non-cartoon shader style. I just liked to try the cartoon shader look on my main character. But I like the look of it so much, I may try and find the time to go back and cartoon shade the whole movie (although it is quite a dark and gloomy movie, so dunno how it would really work out.) More pics later, once I get some web space sorted out (after my exams of course!)


I really like what you did with the look of fur on the beaver in your first post. If possible, could you explain how you went about creating that look?


I guess your talking about this little fella:

This was done with the fur plug-in for maya. I’ll try and find the file so I can tell ya the settings but from what I remember I made the fur really short, made the base wide and top thin, this gave that triangular,clumpy look. I varied the colour at the base of the hair and the tip slightly to give it that cartoony/flat/cell shaded look. Then I just upped the scraggle settings to get that messy look. I think the image on the right is with a bit more clumping to get those big chunks of messy fur. Basically I played around with settings for a couple of days to get the look I was after.

The contour is done in photoshop. In maya 5 you can’t render fur with mental ray and therefore I couldn’t find a way to do it in maya. I would render out the scene/animation with the fur flat black and everything else flat white. In photoshop I would then use Filter->Stylize->Find Edges. This would give me the outline and then in Adobe After Effects I just add the contour images over top of the normal renders and set the layer blending mode to darken. It sounds a little complex and time consuming but if you use the ‘actions’ in photoshop it doesnt take too long.

Maya 6 on the other hand…
You can render fur with mentalray but i still didn’t find a way to make the contour work with it because the fur isnt geomtry and is rendered/calculated seperately. There is probably a way to do it but I didn’t really get into it. I was looking at ways to convert Fur to geometry but was unsuccesful but like I said, I only had a quick look at it.

Let me know how you get on. I can send you the scene files if you want and if i find them :wink:


Thanks for the tips on the toon shader. I’ve have been experimenting with it over the past couple of days and all I could really come up with was fur that looked either too realistic or fur that made the object literally look like a piece of poop. If you have any other suggestions or would be willing to share a sample file with that fur in it for me to base mine off of, I would greatly appreciate it.


This is the settings used for smoother fur (on the left in pic above)

Also don’t forget to layout your uv’s as the fur desc. is based on this.

And I think it is important to use colours that are very similar if you want to give it that flat simple look.

Here is the scene file, it was one of the early deformation tests I was doing with the dodgy walk cycle lol.

Hope it helps!


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