Animation and more animation by Lucas Eric


Hello hello people!!
I’m putting the link on my channel on Vimeo, where my studies of recent animation. Feel free to opine.
Hope you enjoy.


Looking good lucaseric!

I love the style of the naginata animation, the facial movements whilst he’s attacking and defending really bring him alive.

The dance is great! Just a shame its not a little longer, but nonetheless its full of character.

Keep it up man! :thumbsup:


Thank you for you comment!
Soon more animations.


I couldnot open the link.


may I have your MSN ? is mine :bowdown:


Really? Try open the link again. Or copy and paste it in your web navigator.
Check out my blog too:


Hello hello!
Continuing this topic, I’ll post another study that did. Have fun!


Another stude of body mechanics:


Hello lucaseric!

I really love the fluidness in your work, I can see you’ve made a passion in Animating.
All I can say is in your Pillow Fugitive, when he lands he looks more like a flower sack than a pillow, and when he goes to bend back before the jump (at 00:02) maybe add some more squash to it, and when he recoils after it (00:03) add some more “flop”. Pillows can be floppy, and it might add some comic relief to it. To me he looks a little to stiff and then all of a sudden he’s bouncy. Other then that, it looks awesome! :smiley:

Keep up the awesome work!


now with render:


soldier walking:


nice work here :wink:


Like your channel man, your improvement is clearly visible. I love to see people get better and better!


more animation for a portifolio!! any criticism?


This is a WIP(blocking) that I´m doing during the spare time at work. I have not done the facial expressions on breaks and stuff.


Some really nice animations over here man. Great work Lucas.

I only have one comment on the service en chambre one, I think it would help if you could make the tray feel a little bit heavier.

Keep up the good work.


hello folks!
this is a study I’m doing in my spare time here at work.
I hope u enjoy!


Just saw this man, cool to see you in action again. I got a quick comment for ya. I would say you can push your anticipations more, in terms of timing and pose. The timing on the windups is too even. Also the last pose doesn’t seem to work that well with everything else. It’s kind of awkward getting there. I know that’s one of the big idea poses, but you could rework that so the body mechanics flow better. But again, good start!


this is the animation polished:
I hope u enjoy!!


hello folks!
this is a WIP of the animation I´m doing in spare time. I hope you enjoy!
polishing 01:
polishing 02: