Animation - Am I Doing This Right?


Here’s what I’m trying to do. Below that is the way I’ve been doing it. But it’s a lot a steps and I’d like to know if there’s an easier way.

What I Want to do:

I want one of my QuickTime movies running behind another video that is partially cloned into the first. So you get the first movie running behind the partially cloned “painted” movie.

I’m getting it done but it’s a lot of steps. Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Open the first “background” movie into Painter 11
  2. Open another movie and make it the clone source for the first one
  3. Go to the first (background) movie and make a layer.
  4. Brush in the part of the 2nd movie that I want to show above the 1st one.
  5. Drop the layer.
  6. Go back to the source and advance a frame or two
  7. Go back to the clone and make a new layer
  8. Paint in the part I want cloned and drop the layer. Then advance a frame, make new layer, go back to source, advance a frame, etc.

This is VERY time consuming. Is there a way to cut down on some of these steps? Maybe a way to link the 2 videos so when you advance one the other goes with it?

Any help is appreciated.


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