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Hi this is my first post on this Forum. Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

I’d like you to take a look at some animation i’ve been working on recently its posted up on other forums but i’d be intrested to see what you lot think.

I’m building up my portfolio with the intenshion of trying to find a job as a games animator.
If anyone has any advise about getting into games i’d be intrested to hear it?



Ok I’ve been working on the Run this is what i’ve come up with so far


What you think?


hey i saw ur animation tests. what i can say is…
*maybe u can push the poses more.
*have a more of a clear intent/charactistic of the walk or run.
*ie. the character a he or she, is the character a lazy guy, or a sissy, or a bully, etc.
*then put those aspects into the walk/run
*i like the timing on the walk cycle. there is a lil spurt/hop into the walk. kind of like what richard williams says “the american can do attitute”. i guess
*im a student as well so my words arent the final word.

more so, i like the animation of the child holding the toy blocks. the blocks were animated well. the child was animated pretty decent in my opinion too.

btw, check out my animation tests too lol. hee hee, tell me what u think. i listed it in the 3d works in progress section. just a shameless plug. hee



I’ve just re-animated the Run from scratch in about 2-3 hours

what you think now? I think its working better now :slight_smile:

Run front view
Run side view



c’mon people! some more people reply to this lady and help her out!! i can’t download the avi cuz i’m on dialup :stuck_out_tongue: it’ll take way too long for me.


Lol cheers pha3z, I take it there arn’t alot of animators around here?!


sally, you have to put things in your thread that will attract attention. for starters, you need to get some still images instead of just having links to your avi. that way people will see your still images and be interested to investigate further.

click the little Insert Image button where you post a reply and then enter the URL where you have an image uploaded. or upload your images as attachments and put them in that way (but youv’e got a heavy storage cap here… so its better to host on your own site and just link to it)

and btw, this is one of the best sites in the world for cg enthusiasts. yes there are a lot of animators on here. you will find plenty of help if you just draw attention!


oh one more thing… it also helps a lot if you establish yourself in the community by participating in other threads. See how I have put links to my own threads in my signature? I go to other people’s threads and post good critiques and follow their work… then they will often click the links in my signature and come over and look at my work too!



Your walk cycle looks as it’s popping from one pose to the next. (it could be my Pc to) When a person walks or runs, they lean forward a slight bit. The act of walking is actually us falling down and catching ourselves before we hit the ground. On the run cycle this ‘angle of attack’ is more pronouced by the speed at which the person is running. Poeple will argue about this one because they have seen track runners standing almost straight up as they run. This is because thay are pacing themselves. In an all out dead run the human leans forward and the limbs move to thier extremes. Watch a spint race you’ll see what I mean. Your character looks like he’s jogging. Which is fine but it’s not an all out run cycle.

my 2 cents worth…cheers.:bounce:


good rythm in your animations. But, i dont know if its the position of the camera or not … , i think your character make too big step forwards. Like moving the knew a bit too high while walking. Its still okai but someone could not walk this way a long time. :slight_smile:
good job


Cheer’s guies I’ve updated my Run. Will work on the walk when i get the time.

And pha3z don’t get me wrong i’m no forum vergin! I do post on other peoples threads when I feel I have something of value to contribute, and as for the pics unfortunalty (although not unresnable) there are a grate number of restictions on new members i believe that is one one of them.


Overally I would say that that character is moving like he is in a big hurry. Watching myself I can say that starters tend to concern time too much for no reason. It is like you think that a viewer will bored if you take several more frames. But slow walks and slower runs are actually more interesting to watch and they are much more valuable for training.
The walk is nice I think but I would give a tiny pause on downs and I would make arms motion more complicated. Hands seem rigid.


kinda of games animation type of movment, but i think u most feel free to push the poses more.
Try to make them more elastic and flex.
The timing is pretty good and excat , but in both animation the charcter remind me a robot.
Try adding more inbetweens and it will add some smoothnest .


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