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Hi, I like to draw anime characters, and am pretty good at it. But, I wanted to know what would be the best program/software for people new at this. Also inexpensive. I’m still in high school, planning on taking some graphics classes in college, but it would be nice to know how to do it now.
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? Anyone?


If your looking for inexpensive and animation i’d suggest Animation master by hash.

there is of course not any software “better” than the next but if your looking for good pricing and something that’s gonna get you started id go with it.


Here are some freebies
Collect them all.

  1. Maya Personal Learning Edition (free)

  2. GMAX (free)

  3. Softimage XSI EXP (free)

  4. Houdini Apprentice Program (free)


The software suggestions already listed excellent for learning 3D. If you’re interested in 2D, you will want to take more drawing classes, especially figure drawing, as well as get yourself a copy of AfterEffects, Flash, or Director for their 2D animation capabilities. As a side note, I highly recommend you learn more traditional drawing and traditional animation skills in addition to your anime stuff. From my experience, people who “like to draw anime” in actuality are excellent freeform tracers and can’t really draw well at anything other than the anime they copy. This isn’t to bust on all the anime lovers here, and not to bust on you because I have never seen your artwork; however, diversification and learning the core skills are paramount and too many people I have seen pigeonhole themselves.


I thought XSI and Houdini has integrated compositors for 2D stuff as well?


Not sure about XSI but I think for Houdini it depends on what version you buy. I have downloaded the Apprentice version which comes with numerous modules and I think that you can buy different packages with or without their compositor and certain other things. Probably easy to find out if you’re interested at


Check out ToonBoom Studio and USAnimation, and Plastic Animation Paper.


For that anime look in 3D.
Check this Maya tutorial.


Thanks for all the suggestions I will look into them.


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