Animation Acting Challenge #7: Post Progress, Start April 7 - End May 7


Animation Acting Challenge #7

There are two topics to choose from

1. Getting hit by a projectile like a ball or bullet or TV or piano or anything…


2. Audio Clip from [i]Eurotrip[/i] (download attached file)
Scotty: “What happened to you?”
Jamie: “I got robbed. It was awesome!”


  • Have fun animating!
  • Use any rig and any animation software you like.
  • Animate with any medium (3D, 2D, or stop-motion)
  • You’re open (and encouraged) to post your progress here if you’d like any comments and critiques.
  • No time/frame restriction on the animation. Just remember that the more complex it is the longer it will take to finish. Make it by the due date!
  • You can do both topics if you have the time. (added 4/8/07) Either separately or as one animation.
  • You may add time before and after the audio clip, but please do not change the timing of the audio.
  • A separate final submission thread will be created. Post your final animation there. I’ll make the thread a few days before the deadline.
  • Textures and lighting are optional. Playblasts are acceptable. Just make the acting clear and easy to see.
  • Use any resolution and aspect ratio… but keep the file size manageable. Nothing over 20MB definitely. As for codecs, preferably one that’s common like quicktime or windows media. My recommendation would be Quicktime and less than 5MB.
  • When posting progress and for final entry please state which topic you are animating.
  • (added 4/8/07) Adding music is optional, just don’t make it distracting.

We’ll do this for a month (April 7th - May 7th). Then we’ll vote (May 8th - May 14th). We’ll vote for the best animation AND suggest topics for the next challenge in that time.

Feel free to ask questions about the challenge. We’re still looking to improve how the challenge is conducted, we’re open to suggestions.

-Don’t know where to upload your final animation or WIP? I recommend using Free to register. You get to watch a streaming flash video and if you’re registered, users can also download the original video source.
-The audio can also be set to mono instead of stereo, that may help keep the file size down.


Hectic… I liked the idea of the projectile but this sound bite is “jes tew good!” (said as syndrome would say it) I’m so torn…

Hmmmnnn… projectile or sound bite… sigh all these decisions are destabilising my fragile mental state.

I suppose I must consult the oracle…


Voting is in for Challenge #6

Come see who the winners are here


Hey cool! Nice to see this got plugged since I never would have heard about it otherwise :slight_smile:

I would like to participate for sure! :smiley:


ooooo projectile… can it be a body? :smiley:


I was seriously thinking of the same thing. Yes, it can be a body. :smiley:


Awesome… count me in! :buttrock:


Wow! I’m in !!! It’s a great opportunity to practise and learn from each other. I’ll get my engine started soon! Woohoo !!!:bounce:


Well that’s the point of getting a plug isn’t it? :wink:

wait a sec… oh crap it’s ivanisavich!! :eek: I really really have to step up my animation now :smiley:


Can I combine the two into one animation?
This is going to be great!


I have always dreamed of animating a nice little character who gets hit by a concert grand piano…

I haven’t gotten beyond the point of a few bouncing balls and rough walk cycles, though…


  1. Getting hit by a projectile like a ball or bullet or TV or piano or anything…

Is this a sign?

consults his Richard Williams paperback for hidden messages…


Argh, I don’t know… will real noobish work be allowed to mess with the pro awesomeness to be expected in here?



Sounds like a fun challenge! I can’t wait to see what people come up with. :bounce:


Tyson and Leif in the same room - if you guys are entering I am done! haha

Wow Leif - havent seen you around in ages! Hope Horton is going well(you are still at BS right?)

I think I am gonna try projectile one - possibly 2D.

Can’t wait to see the ideas people come up with.

Matt -


Well I am interested.

Keep in mind, I am NOT an animator.



Awesome! Never have participated in a challenge here in all these years, gonna give this one a shot.

Cant dicide what to do tho, both options have great potential


Can we combine the 2 topics/options?


Dang … no grenades is making this decision a tough one. Hope I dont bite off more than I can chew.


How convenient that I just started playing around with Maya again, especially as I’m playing around with animation! I so have to join this - will prove good practice. :slight_smile:


If you can pull it off, yes! You can combine the topics. :slight_smile:


hey SirRon,

I might have unvoluntarily veiled my main inquiry in my last post due to advanced hysteria on my part, so I thought I’d better point it out again:

  • starting to learn (2D) animation has been a long dream of mine and I just started out with a few bouncing balls and eerie-to-behold walk cycles.

  • I am worried about prerequisite knowledge for this challenge. It sounds like an awful lot of fun, but are total noobs supposed/invited to take the plunge or would you say that community feedback is meant to primarily focus on optimizing existing skills as opposed to rubbing a noobs nose into the basics along the way…?


I am in this project aswell :slight_smile:

Awesome sound track, Lots of ideas for this,greatness.