Animation Acting Challenge #6: Topic Vote- Start Feb. 24 - End Feb. 27


Greetings Animation Acting Challenge Participants! :slight_smile:

Welcome to Challenge #6

We had a great turn out in challenge 5! We are going to have another audio clip to animate to along with another topic that you will vote on. I will release the audio once the voting is finished for the other animation topic. I am picking three animation topics and you will vote for one of them. The three topics will resemble the audio clip that i am choosing.

The topics to vote on (Vote for one only):

Super Villain planning another nefarious scheme
rooftop jumping/chase
Emotional or awkward stillness

Please vote for one of the above topics in this thread. Feb 28 i will tally the votes and post the audio clip. The Challenge will start Feb 28.


my vote = Nefarious Scheme.

Can’t wait!



My vote iz for … Super Villain planning another nefarious scheme


My vote goes to

Emotional or awkward stillness

imagine the facial expressions n body movement :slight_smile:


Emotional or awkward stillness

ooooh… 2 to 2 :slight_smile:


My vote is for emotional awkwardness.


[left](Tie breaker)…[/left]
[left]Super Villain planning another nefarious scheme[/left]


Emotional or awkward stillness

tipping the scales here.


Yeah my vote is definitely the awkward silence.


My vote would be the emotional/uncomfortable stillness.
Something to stretch me. “The hardest thing to do in animation is nothing”

glad that this comp is running btw. :smiley:


Rooftop jumping/chasing


Hi all, I was hoping it be okay if I jumped in on the action…if so I’d vote

the emotional stillness as well

Looking forward to competing.



I’ve been wanting to do a super villain in a nefarious scheme jumpting from rooftop to rooftop.

Seeing as how thats not one of the choices, I am going with emotional/akward stillness.

Matt -


Hiii,… my vote is:
[color=Cyan]Super Villain planning another nefarious scheme

can’t wait to join next comp!:slight_smile:



My voite:

Super Villain planning another nefarious scheme

could be funny…


emotional or awkward is my vote.

May I recommend a clip from The Office, American or UK version they are both awkward.


Sorry i have already chosen the audio clip. I will post it when the challenge starts Wednesday 2/28. We may have to use that idea for another challenge :slight_smile:


im gonna have to go for emotional stillness i think…


my vote => super villain


any chance you can just post the clip tonight? I’m ready to go on this thing.