Animation Acting Challenge #15: Progress Thread; March 7th - 31st


See entries for the February Challenge [thread=600557]here[/thread].

Animation Acting Challenge [size=4]#16[/size] (yes, the title has a the wrong number) :slight_smile:

There are two topics to choose from

1. Scared and hiding from someone or something.
2. Audio Clip from [i]Pulp Fiction[/i]

(Loud gunshot)
Jules: “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I break your concentration?”


Please Read me!

  • Have fun animating!
  • Use any rig and any animation software you like.
  • Animate with any medium (3D, 2D, or stop-motion)
  • You’re open (and encouraged) to post your progress here if you’d like any comments and critiques.
  • No time/frame restriction on the animation. Just remember that the more complex it is the longer it will take to finish. Make it by the due date!
  • You can do both topics if you have the time. Either separately or as one animation if possible.
  • You may add time before and after the audio clip, but please do not change the timing of the audio.
  • A separate final submission thread will be created. Post your final animation there. I’ll make the thread a few days before the deadline.
  • Textures and lighting are optional. Playblasts are acceptable. Just make the acting clear and easy to see.
  • Use any resolution and aspect ratio… but keep the file size manageable. As for codecs, preferably one that’s common like quicktime or windows media. My recommendation would be Quicktime.
  • When posting for final entry please state which topic you are animating.
  • Adding music is optional, just don’t make it distracting.

We’ll do this for about a month (March 7th - March 28th). Then we’ll vote (March 29th- March 31st). We’ll vote for the best animations AND suggest topics for the next challenge in that time.

Feel free to ask questions about the challenge. We’re still looking to improve how the challenge is conducted, we’re open to suggestions.

-Don’t know where to upload your final animation or WIP? I recommend using Free to register. You get to watch a streaming flash video and if you’re registered, users can also download the original video source. Helps for critiques.
-The audio can also be set to mono instead of stereo, that may help keep the file size down.
-Please consider people from other countries that have certain websites filtered out. If you have webspace it would be nice to upload there to along with any streaming flash websites, at least for your final animation. I don’t want anyone to miss out on the work you’ve done.[/COLOR]

Monthly Animation Tip
Inspirational Animation
Have you heard of a game called World of Warcraft? Have the game installed? Check out the in-game models and animations!
WOWmodelview (only works if you have the game installed)
With this you can see the wireframe of the model as well as how the skeleton of the rig was set up.

Don’t have the game? That’s fine. But take the time to study the animation from the games you play. How did they make it? How would you make it and how can you make it better?


Hey SirRon,

This thread is called “Challenge # 15” Shouldn’t it be 16?
Just thought I’d let you know =)



Doh! You’re right! Unfortunately I can’t change the number on the thread title :frowning:


I didn’t get to finish my last challange, so this time I’ll be sure to give it a go! If I only could 3ds max to work :confused:

EDIT: Ok, now it’s working! :stuck_out_tongue: Had to install 3ds max 2008 :frowning: Ah, well! :banghead:


i really don’t know if i’m gonna enter this, BUT, i just to let you guys know that this is actually my email notification sound !!:stuck_out_tongue: it’s been for years, and i thought while playing it i had an email :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m in, totally…!:bounce:


WoW! :eek: The challange is on the frontpage ^^ Nice!


im in on this one too :smiley:


I’m in too. This will be my first animation challenge! :thumbsup: Good luck to all participants and… let’s animate! :buttrock:

Animation Demoreel -


Sounds fun. How can I watch all of the previous contests? I can only see the #15 under the animation sessions and only 1 thread under the archives. R.


This is my progress, guys :slight_smile: Not the best one in the world, but I’m trying :slight_smile:

First full render dialog:

Full render movie:


i am in! seems a lot of fun! :buttrock:


I’m defenitely out coz I dont even master my char rigging


Come on! :wink: Gatta give it a try! :smiley: We are all her to learn! :wink:


Scroll down til you see the ‘display options’ section of the forum. Change the “Last Month” to either “Last Year” or “Beginning” and you’ll see the older posts. The animation challenges going on now isn’t part of the archive.


So i decided to make some props to get my scene to feel nicer.

I made a folding chair thats animatable as well as a couch. the couch cushions are moveable and have squash and stretch on them. Ill post them on my website later incase anyone wants to use them.

Here is a playblast of what i have at the moment:

Still working on timing, liking the start so far :slight_smile:



Can’t say that I’m necessarily much of an animator, but I may give this a try, just for fun, using either Flash or Poser.


Hey peoples, I might get involved in this if I get some time soon.


hi all,
i’ve started my entry, it is still work in progress but gives you an overview of what i intend to do, good luck to everybody:

here it is:


hi all,

i am uploading my first rough cut … pls chk and give me the feedback on it …
waiting for your valueable comments …!

the link i s…

best regards