Animation: 3d and Flash Dingo


hello everyone,:slight_smile:

I just got my hands on the new Flash MX with its capability to embed movie files.
So I created a quick character in 3dMax, render some animations and import them to flash to give it some interactivity.
In the future I’ll be adding a list of weapons for this character to use.
looking forward to your crits and/or suggestions :slight_smile:

hope you enjoy playing with it,

thanks lots


That is really cool. How big is the file? I have tried to do something like that in flash 5 and i end up with a half meg file! Anyway it was 800/400 but still is huge!


well… the file size is 286K, no too bad.

Imported 7 little movies uncompressed (about 3-5 M each), and flash compressed it for you. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably add 5 more movies, don’t want to exceed more than 500 K, If it exceeds I’ll probably add a more interesting preloader


You don’t have to preload all of the movies to have fun.
Just load the first basic ones…or, hell, just an idle, and show it, with some graphics somewhere indicating loading is still taking place. You can make 2 hours worth of animation, just only load the ones you need to get the show going, then preload whilest the thing is running.

Well… just a thought, it may not suit everyones fancy to do it like that, but it does mean you’re free of the size-limitations.

If you plan to have weapon-graphics you can press and he’ll use that weapon, I think it could look pretty cool to have this little progress-bar that fills up the weapon from a basic outline to a textured version… idunno… I just think that could be pretty cool :slight_smile:

Regardless, if you make each hotspot check if the animation it links to is available before activating itself you can get away with loading whilest the show is rolling.

Interesting that you use videos like that… I gotta say it works pretty damn well. I’ve done a tiny bit Flash work, and I’ve always been of the orientation that you get the best results by doing vector-based Flash output, ie. if you model and animate things in a 3D program, you convert it to a Flash format before putting it online.

I’m not fond of the small size this embedded-video technique brings, I mean egads, it looks really bad if you zoom in, but still… this is pretty cool… I like it. I shall have to contemplate in my future Flash endevours if embedding a video is not the best solution to certain problems.



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