Animation 2D: The Beauty Of Life


Hello again!
The Beauty Of Life is a project I did with 6 other students of the
German Film School at the end of the first term.
(Team: Moritz Bunk, Patrick Kreuser, Felix Graf, Marc Mueller, Sylvia Kratzsch, Christian Miletzki and myself)
We had to finish it within one month of time but the project
lasted longer than we expected. Finally we worked 3 and a half
months on this short.

More details on my webpage in the projects area.

The Beauty Of Life (divx503 avi 32.8MB)

The Beauty Of Life (mpeg 52MB Better quality)


hey dude!
just checking the drawings!
looks awsom! i hope ill manage to see the movie…is it heavy or is it?

ill let u know after watching!

but the drawings are cool



great peace of work, I saw you guys loose your minds in production time and it was totally worth it.


A talented teamwork, for a promising futur. What’s next?
keep on!:wink:


This is amazing!
Really really beautiful!

The great transitions, different styles matching eachother and showing the different parts of life.


Brillient! interesting estatic and full with colors!!!

way to go!!!

i will be leaving to europe in 4 months…germany or amsterdam and i need to start collecting information about animation institues…got ideas?



thnx everyone! I’m glad you like our short!

Kong&Bird is coming up next. It’s a 3D short I’m working on right
now with 2 other students. They were also in the Beauty of Life team.
Today I will start to animate. This short must be finished at the end of
the month.

where do you live right now and what do you mean exactly by
animation institute? Are you looking for a school then I could give
you some informations if you are looking for a job I’cant. Sorry:)
thnx for your comment. Just e-mail me if you have questions.


Been a while since GFS created a good 2D short. This one is definetely a good one.

Just a tip Goro, at the moment you are firing great art out of your hands week after week, hope you don’t run out of bullets, wouldn’t be good. Save some for next week :cool:

Waiting for Kong and Bird. :drool:
P.S.: Who is always putting mating animals on my desktop? :wavey:


hey goro,

nice to see our movie in the forum with all the positive replies, isn´t it.
probably this was our best piece of work and from now on we´ll suck;)
but to everybody, kong & bird, the movie from some of the creators of
beauty of life is wip, and when it´s finished we made the big step from
2d to 3d. see you all soon,


Enjoyed it, very nice. Great choice in music aswell.
Too bad about the sad plugin used for it, but oh well. Else the file would be way too big. Great job!


The Music is written by Moritz Bunk he also did the direction for this 2D short.
Yes I had to compress it, sorry about the quality. I got a high quality version but its over 100MB. That’s way too big.


very nice short, touched my feelings, which ain’t the easiest thing to do with art… so I had to say something here. beautiful music aswell, everything fits very nice together :slight_smile:


Beautiful, beautiful!!:applause:

No crits at all, it kept me all the time on the mood without being bored for just a second, great transitions and drawing styles…truly great!!

And also a masterful choice of sound track, happy, sad, lonely and melancholic. Like life itself! :beer:

You guys are really talented!! Keep us up to date to your next works!


Thanks for the nice words. I really apreciate it!


wow!! I AM A MAN, but still i almost cryed:blush:
:Dbeautiful, just beautiful:thumbsup:


this is soo beautiful … with all the brilliant 3d arts here, this one shins through and tops most of them :stuck_out_tongue:

as mentioned above … this piece really moved me too, mad congradulations :thumbsup:


Goro, I am not to comment any technical aspect. I am only going to say that your work is the best 36 MB that I have dowloaded last months…

Congrats you and the entire team. Great work and great history.

BEST OF LUCKS in your future projects.

:beer: :applause: :applause:


SCEME: wow!! I AM A MAN, but still i almost cryed

I have been near :applause: :applause:


Exellent job! Its great to see such emotion in a short film.


SCEME: wow!! I AM A MAN, but still i almost cryed

I almost did when I read your nice words!
This was a really really hard
project. I think I never worked so hard before in my whole life.
So now when people see it and they like it I am so
happy you can’t imagine.

Thanks for your comments guys! :smiley: