Animation - 2004 Demo Reel, Doug Godfrey (3D)


Title: Animation - 2004 Demo Reel
Name: Doug Godfrey
Country: Usa
Software: 3ds Max 5

Hi everyone, I just wanted to get feedback on my demo reel. Tell me what area’s you think I need to improve upon in both the work and the composition of the reel. Thanks!

Here’s a link to the Demo Reel (right click save as)

Demo Reel 2004 -29MB-


Absolutely amazing mate. Good job.


I would agree with deleyt that you have produced a nice piece of work here. The animated people have good character and are well proportioned and presented, the environmental/ architectural models while relativity simple have great atmosphere when textured and lit. This said though there wasn’t too much content and it ran quite slowly, I’m not sure what impact this would have on a prospective employer, however get some professional comments as although I have watched quite a few demo reels, I’m still not sure what the employers actually like.


I really enjoyed watching you reel, and I saved it on my hd (what I rarely do with reels)
starts with a vrey sensitive mood when the guy moves up is head and looks at us … but the great thing is that this mood carys through the whole movie.

often wich demos we see a brake at a certain point, pieces from earlier stages or scenes that dont fit to the chosen music anymore. the big strenght of your reel is this continuosity that gives us the feeling of one piece and of the heavy based skills of the author

I am sure it will bring you to a good job



Great stuff Doug, but I suggest you don’t put w.i.p. work in your demo reel.
Also I’d say that you’ve used a good choice of music, it kind of flows well with the material you’ve presented.
I agree with what Frank Dodd said, the pace of the reel could be slightly higher.

Good job :slight_smile:


cool showreel very nice work…

keep going like this :bounce:


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